Saturday, 3 December 2011

Day 84 - St.Columb Major - St.Allen

I am such a dum dum! After my shower last night I accidently dropped my towel on the floor making it really damp, I thought I would be clever and dry it off on the wall outside our tent weighing it down with my shoes because it was very windy! Unfortunately this morning I was very confused when I was trying to find my shoes and towel and then twigged that I had left them outside all night.....I then remembered the torrential wind and rain we had which caved the tent in! Urgh. I had to ring out my towel and drain my shoes! Not a good start to the day!

The day wasn’t to get any better, me and beck went to the showers but the  light wasn’t working in mine so I went next door. The second I walked in my spidey senses were tingling! I knew there was one in there somewhere! And it didn’t take much searching until I saw a giant eight legged freak in the BATH! It was hideous! Absolutely massive, a proper ‘house spider’, needless to say I didn’t hang around too long in there! When Gayle and Mick arrived I went to show her the massive spider, she said to Beck as a joke ‘Shall I chase Jade with it?’ I was around the corner when she came round with the spider supped in her hand, I was a screaming mess! I also realised that your leg doesn’t hurt when it means escaping from a spider! Gayle said she was sorry and didn’t realise that I was around the corner (yeah right!).

The spider was realised in a trough alive and well.  It wasn’t long until we were back on the road again, it was a fairly uneventful days walk and it was pretty windy blowing rain in to our faces drenching us! We kept our coats on for the whole of the walk which has never happened to date as we usually have a sweat attack! We didn’t stop for a break today as the weather was so hideous so we walked 8 miles without a bit to eat! Lots of people will be shocked to hear that!
We met Mick and Gayle and thought it would be funny to hide from them in a field..... Little things please little minds! It worked a treat and they walked past right us! They did spot us on the way back though, it was only a couple of miles walk from here until we reached a pub for a well deserved CUP OF TEA!

It was so nice to be out of the hideous weather and sneaky eating wispa bars in the pub! Today’s walk ended at a church called St.Allen, there was nothing there apart from this very old and beautiful church which we all had a look around.
Back at the campsite we had a letharge before showers and a look around Truro, we visited the Cathedral, waterstones (so mick could buy Harry Potter) and had an amazing dinner at Pizza Express. I was so hungry and really looking forward to dinner, annoyingly we were put on a table in front of the door, me and Gayle were not too impressed and when we asked to move we were told that all of the tables were reserved WHICH WAS AN ABSOLUT LIE.