Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Day 83 - Sladesbridge - St.Columb Major

First off, any one thinking of visiting St. Worst place in Cornwall Columb Major, one word of advice: Don't! How can one town be lacking so much! Me and Beck were very proud of ourselves this morning, we managed to get our tent down before Mick and Gayle :) Gayle couldn't believe it as she was well aware of my lethargness, but she did look very cosy in her pjs and sleeping bag! We were walking solo today and told that there was a tad trespassing on today's route from Gayle which always sounds interesting....  Although we soon found it when we wanted to cross a river and there was no bridge in sight apart from one being blocked by a 10ft steel fence and lots of 'no trespassing' signs, Becks was convinced that we were climbing over it...... I couldn't believe she thought that in the state my leg was in! I said we could go through it... And slid through the bars, Becks looked really shocked and couldn't believe a human bring could fit through the gap! I just think she lacks spatial awareness....Well we were skinny ladies 1,000 odd miles on! She made me come back through so that she could take a picture of me going back over!

The trespassing led us on to the camel trail which we followed for a couple of miles which was flat easy walking which would eventually lead us on a road to St. Boring Lame Columb Major, on this road we had a little break which Beck annoyingly shotgunned the little  portable chair so I got a wet foliage'd bum sat on the undergrowth! We started fantasizing about a cup of tea which is always a mistake when you promise yourself something or look forward to it when your heading to St. unhelpful Columb Major, it looked quite a big town on the map so not getting a cuppa wasn't an issue for us at the minute.

Today was a 12miler and so far the leg was holding up well, I didn't make it a secret that the question 'hows the leg?' really started to annoy me, no one wanted to know how me or Becks was, all they cared about was one of my lower limbs! We were both starting to get a little bit thirsty now, and a cup of tea was defiantly on the cards! Gayle sent us a text saying her and Mick had set our tent up! We were being majorly spoilt! 

We finally made it in to St. Horrible Columb Major and were both bursting for a wee, we set eyes on a tea room and all hopes were raised until we went to the door and it was closed....It was a Monday, who closes tea rooms on a Monday! We asked of there were any more pubs/cafes open and everyone looked at me like i was talking Cantonese! We need a cafe for 2 reasons 1. A cup of tea 2. To stop potentially soiling ourselves!

There were 4 pubs in the town and all 4 of them were shut! This town is seriously lacking potential business! Finally found a public toilet and all was nearly well! The campsite was only a kilometer away so we decided just to go back to the tent as we were fed up looking for amenities in St.Drab Columb Major. Arriving at the crib, I had never seen it constructed so torte! Good job Mick and Gayle!

Mick and Gayle bailed on us tonight and went in search for a B&B  tonight, leaving only the hardcore to survive the night in torrential rain and windy mcwindyness! (I dont know where i'm getting these words from!) I couldn't be bothered to shower straight away and letharged for ages, Becks was very motivated and showered straight away. We got a call from Karis saying Dennis was in Cornwall and wondered where me and Beck were so he could pop by. Meanwhile I went to the campsites Reception and got a chinese takeaway menu and the lovely receptionists made us a cup of tea! I thought it was best to bring something back to the tent as a 'sory' as Beck felt sick because of my horrendous farting in the tent.

While we were sipping our tea, someone shook our tent and made me jump, luckily it was Dennis, he popped by to see if we wanted to go for a drink! I was like ahhhhhhhhhh I haven't even had a shower! But there was no time so a change of clothes and a spray of deo had to do the job! We went to this massive shopping center which had a massive sweet shop, Dennis said that we weren't allowed to leave unless we picked 3 things! We were in our element but for some reason we found it really difficult to choose things! 

I did the worst smelly fart in the novelty sweet section  and it followed me! Unfortunately Beck and Dennis walked through it and Beck made a bit of a scene! We went to Brewers Fayre next door and had a cup of tea and a glass of wine, it was a very lovely evening, thankyou Dennis! When i got back to the campsite I felt slightly drunk and i had to have a shower! Most importantly we had to order the chinese, it was from Newquay so the delivery driver had quite a trek!

When it arrived we were so excited! But we didn't want to eat it in the tent, it would have been noodle carnage! So we stole a chair and made a restaurant in the laundry room, It was ll very civilized until i got chew-mein on the spinner! The wind and rain was so heavy tonight it woke me up, I'm glad Mick and Gayle were enjoying themselves!

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