Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 82 - St.Breward - Sladesbridge

First off, apologies for lack of blog, but expect regular updates!

Back on the road again! Day 82 marks the reunion of me (Jade) rejoing team (Becks)! Very exciting! Why I wanted to leave my cosy house with as much tea and soft furnishings avaiable to me to camp in the rain for a week is beyond me, but I was back and happy :) We were up by 7.30am this morning and had a buffet breakfast, Becks ad joined us the night before to camp as Mandy was rowing in Newquay so poped over to say hi, he left at 8 and not long after Mick drove me, Beck and Gayle to where they finished yesturday. It was luxuary not having to take the tent down as we were staying at the campsite for 2 nights, and it was really wet so everything would have been a hassle!

We had an easy 8 mile day ahead of us, 8 miles we decided was good to ease my leg back in to walking again as while resting I probbaly managed 2 miles a day at the most! It was mainly road walking along small country roads but Gayle included an off-piste section in which my feet stayed dry for 58 minutes of walking. Our first stile in to a field was a challenge even to those with fully functioning limbs! It was a stinging nettle and bramble fest and they were all out to get you! Everyone was gettting caught and I kept getting them stuck around my ankles! Nightmare! The second stile was more entertaining...... Stepping off the other side was instant slurry pit death! It was perfect welly boot slurry, and I really thought I was going in, but brave Gayle went first to scout out a route, unfortunalty the route around the slurry involved good balance and holding on to a barbed wired fence, both of these are not my strengths and I managed to get caught in the brambles - a lot. Beck was unhooking me with her leki pole from the back and Gayle was trying to get them off my front! But us being us, we made it across!

The wlak itself felt fairly easy and my leg was feeling good, Mick joined us 2 miles from the end where he had parked his car to walk back with us, I have noticed that Beck has been sporting some very odd footwear today....... waterproof socks with asics trainers! She said she likes tham as she looks lie someone form fame - or a horse! They did look handy though as her feet were completly dry, but she did wear them a lot without washing them which was pretty gross Beck!

Back at the car we had a team photo whihc Mick and Gayle updated their blog with, we were now in search of a nice little cafe for a cream tea, but it was Sunday. And we hate Sundays. We had no luck looking in the town of Wadebridge so we settled for the Co Op Cafe where there was only one cream tea left..... Mick had it and me and Beck settled for chocolate cake (the same cake we had in Tain) Although I wasn't sad enough to enjoy it so smotthered it in clotted cream much to Gayles disgust! Back at the campsite it rained and it rained and we realised the campsite had a lounge! It was massive with couches, a pool table and our fav...jigsaws!

Team managed to complete a 500 piece jigsaw of Ross-on-Wye in pretty much record time, Beck did the outside pieces and I was doing the middle, I think we enjoyed it far too much, and wa wndering if we were good enough to enter a jigsaw championship.We really fancied going swimming as the site had a pool but was gutted when we found out it was closed because it was RAINING! It said for health and safety reasons they cannot open it in the rain! What? Incase someone gets wet! Annoying!

Dinner was so so - a pasta and sauce sachet meal but it was wholemeal which slightly ruined it, butwe were hungry, so it was fine, me and Beck went back in to the lounge to write diaries before going to bed, it was pretty chilly! Probably the coldest we have been so far on our walk....was in Cornwall! My feet really stink as my shoes got wet this morning and I own no waterproof socks, boooo :(

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