Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 76- North Newton to Gamlins Farm

After a nice morning Dad dropped us back off at the canal. Mum was worried that her leg might start hurting again so asked Dad if he could just drive on a little way and then stop and wait for us so that she could stop if it was feeling bad. Dad appeared again just in time to witness us backtracking up the wrong side of the canal.....who gets lost walking on a canal?! It was very embarrassing as we had to walk back past the canal cleaner man who laughed and said that actually people did it all the time and he found it funny not to tell them but just watch them going wrong!
As Mums leg was feeling alright the 3 of us carried on and Dad drove on to find a campsite and set up the tent. It was a nice walk along the canal and the sun was shining. We followed it for 12.5 km right in Taunton where we then did some good navigation through the town to get onto the A38. Town was really busy and we got some strange looks. As I had been in the town only the other with Hayley and Jade when we were wearing “normal” clothes it felt really extreme to be walking through with bags and lekis.
Walking out of Taunton we saw a big tesco so went in to use the toilets and as there was a cafe were also tempted into a cup of tea....lovely! From here it was then a long stretch along the A38 to Wellington. We decided to go this way in the end because although it was really noisy and probably not the most pleasant walking, it was a really direct route but also Hayley knew that there was a pavement we could walk on the whole way to Wellington so we knew it would be safe.
Walking along here we played the alphabet game with places which was good fun and seemed to make the road walking go quicker. Sam was hilarious at this game and kept repeating ones that we had already said. Walking along here we got a phone call from Dad. As it was his birthday today Hayley and Scott and also Karis and Jack had come to see him. They had met him at the campsite and now they were all waiting for us at a cider farm that was on our route along the A38.
We soon met up and had a really lovely picnic all sat out on the grass in the sunshine. Didn’t have a proper chance to look around the place but it seemed really nice and there were lots of animals around. We had great fun watching Dad trying to stroke the donkey that kept trying to bite him! After a nice break me, Mum and Sam said goodbye to the others again and carried on walking. Today we were walking right to the campsite so we were going to meet them all there later.
We soon arrived in Wellington and then from there it was lots of faffy tiny roads all the way to the campsite. We played some more games to pass the time but Mums leg had started to really hurt again which wasn’t good. I told her to ring Dad to come and get her if it was really bad but she wanted to finish the walk so carried on anyway.
We arrived at the campsite just after 6 and we were all feeling tire and happy to stop walking. It was really nice to see everyone and it was a lovely evening. We had a nice dinner and played some games and the campsite was great- we had a whole field to ourselves! There was a really nice games room with comfy sofas which was sad because I thought that if me and Jade had walked here we would have sat in there and wrote diary.

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