Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 77- Gamlins farm to Tiverton

After a lovely lazy morning we left the campsite and walked the first mile which led us to the start of the canal. This beginning bit of the canal was pretty grim looking and was covered in a layer of green slime however I did find it quite exciting as we hadn’t been on there for long before I saw the first sign which read “Grand Western Canal, Devon County Council”….we had crossed the border, we were in Devon!! Me and Jade had been talking about walking into Devon for ages.
We hadn’t been walking for long before Mums leg started hurting again. I think she did think about stopping and walking back today however I think she was worried that she wouldn’t be able to find the campsite again and also she knew today’s walk wasn’t too far so again she just carried on. Today we were walking into Tiverton where the canal ended which was about 12 miles away (it was a really weird/short canal). The first half of our walk was pretty quiet but it seemed to get busier and as well as prettier the further down we got. Along the last bit of the canal we also saw a horse pulling a barge up the canal like they used to back in the old days.
This morning whilst me, Mum and Sam were walking, again Dad had the lovely job of packing everything away back at camp. As him and Mum were going home tonight he didn’t need to move on and set it up again so when he was done he drove on to Tiverton, parked up, then walked up the canal to meet us. We found him and then heard how he had just followed the canal around a massive meander and we decided that we’d miss off this pointless extra distance and take the road which cut it off. Another bonus of the road meant that we past a tea shop….of course we went in! After a nice little break we carried on and from here it didn’t take too long to get into Tiverton. By now Mums leg was really bad and from the way she described it it sounded like the pain both me and Jade had when we were up in Scotland.
When we reached the end of the canal it was then back to Hayleys. She had very kindly said that me and Sam could stay there again tonight and that she would drop us back off in Tiverton in the morning. The first job when we got there was to have a big stuff sort out to make sure that everything me and Sam needed was left behind and that the rest was taken back home. Sams bag was then scrutineered by Mum and Hayley who were being Gayle, and Sam was horrified when all that was left in her toiletries was a toothbrush! Stuff sorted we then said goodbye to Mum and Dad- I didn’t want support team to go!
It was then time for some jobs before an amazing dinner of roast beef with a creamy chocolate thing for dessert. So much food!! Another lovely evening :)

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