Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 78- Tiverton to Crediton

I love the blamonge and did not enjoy leaving it this morning but we wanted to have an earlish start so it had to be done. After we were packed up and ready we piled our stuff into the car and into Asda for supplies before Hayley drove us back to the end of the canal in Tiverton. Her and Scott have been so good to us and it has been really lovely seeing them over the past few weeks.
After Hayley left we had a massive faff trying to get through Tiverton and onto the Exe Valley Way which we followed for the first part of the day. We just couldn’t seem to get the map to fit where we were which was really odd and we were both really confused. We thought surely it shouldn’t be this difficult as the end of the canal is a massive feature?!...It turns out that what we thought was the end of the canal on the map actually wasn’t. It sounds like we were being massive dum dums but actually the map was really misleading! The very end of the canal (unlike the rest of it) was white and not blue and looked like a little white road and not a canal. Anyway, that was pretty annoying and wasted lots of time but eventually we realised what we had done and found the path we wanted.
The EVW took us down through the valley and through lots of fields to Bickleigh Mill. We had to go through one field packed full of cows and one that was hid in the hedge gave Sam a fright! From Bickleigh Mill we stayed on the EVW for a little longer before turning off and from here it was road walking pretty much the whole way. We had some pretty hilly bits along here and we were both looking lovely and sweaty! 
Walking through a little village we spotted a really cute looking bus stop which we stopped in for a rest. It was full of mismatched chairs that all had cushions on top and it just looked really cosy! From here it was a bit more road walking before we found our public footpath which cut us over into Crediton. We did some good navigation through the town and we were soon heading down the little road which led to the campsite that Gayle had written down for us. In the end we weren’t really sure if we were at the campsite that Gayle had meant but as it was nice we stayed there. We were very excited because the one Gayle had written down didn’t have a shower and this one did which was a lovely surprise! The lady who owned the site was very kind and said that as it was a charity walk we could stay for free. After we’d set up the tent she also popped over to check we were OK and that we had enough food and everything.
Today I’ve been sending lots of texts to sort out/discuss logistics- it’s so confusing but I think I now understand what’s going to happen. Gayle and Mick have really kindly said that they will come down and stay with us until the end and also be support car which is amazing!! Also...Jade has decided that she’s ready to come back and will be joining us after we’ve past Bodmin Moor (as advised by Gayle :) ).

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