Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 75- Cheddar to North Newton

This morning we again woke up to very grey sky. When we were ready Dad dropped us back off in Cheddar and we were walking by 9:15, however, the day was nearly cut short when we nearly got run over on a zebra crossing!! Today Sam was sporting trainers and a pair of black and white polka dot socks with bows, pulled faux pas!

From Cheddar it was lots of road walking to a place called Cossington where we met Dad. Although it was 13 miles to this place and we were feeling really hungry we waited until we got there for lunch so we could sit in the galaxy and eat with a cup of tea! Lunch was lovely and it was so warm and cosy in the car that i didnt want to get out and start walking again. We dragged ourselves away and after arranging a place to meet Dad later on, we said goodbye and carried on our way. From Cossington we wanted to get onto the canal which was just outside of Bridgwater, but things are never as easy as they seem and the next section was really faffy and took us ages! First we had a little footpath to follow but it was another one of those paths that lead you into a field then disappear so we got lost straight away and also got wet feet. We did eventually manage to find our way out of the field and the next job was to cross the M5. We walked to where it looked like there was an underpass on the map only to find there wasnt one which was pretty annoying. In the end we got onto the A39 where there was a pavement and we managed to get across......the M5 was so loud and busy!

From here it was more road walking down to the canal. We had to cross a railway line before we got onto the canal but as we often do we got a tiny bit lost and ended up in an industrial site. Sam was bursting for a wee so took the opportunity in here with me and mum acting as cover.....we hoped there was no CCTV! We then found the bridge that we needed and finally we were at the canal, but now Mums leg which had started to hurt at the end of yesterday had started to hurt again which wasnt good. Dad had parked then walked up the canal to meet us so we met him here and so all walked the last few miles along the canal together. By now the sun was out and it was a really hot evening! We were all feeling very tired and Mum wasn't talking becasue she was in lots of pain. We were all looking forward to getting back to the car and it was nice when we finally saw the bridge ahead that meant we were finished. Geoff and Nik were here to say hello as they were passing by on there way home from London. 

Tonight we were staying at Hayley and Scotts again so from here we went back to theirs which wasnt far, and Geoff and Nik came over for a bit too. It was a really lovely evening but also really busy.....i was feeling really tired and achey and as usual just wanted to lie everywhere, i also felt bad because mum and sam both seemed to have developed hobbles.....opps! We had pizza for dinner which was nice and then me, mum and sam all squeezed on the sofa for a recline before it was time for a few jobs- washing, diary, pictures and blog.

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