Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 81- Past Launceston to St Breward

This morning the lovely campsite lady sent us out a plate of toast for us for breakfast and before we left a couple of ladies from one of the caravans on the field came over to chat and gave us £10 for the Childrens Hospice which was very kind. So, today was the Bodmin moor day and it was decided that Mick would walk with me and that Gayle would be cheif driver and we would meet on brown whillays. 

It was a grey/wet and miserable day however i liked Bodmin and had a really good time! We did well managing to follow a faint path pretty much the whole way to Brown Whillays but we did have to cross some boggy patches and little streams and right near the bottom of the hill we had to climb a barbed wire fence and walk through a load of cows! It was a steep climb to the top of the hill as we yomped straight up the front rather then taking the path up the side. Walking up here Mick got his foot stuck in a hole and half fell over and as i was asking if he was ok and laughing at the same time....i did exactly the same thing! Very funny! We then carried on to the top where we met Gayle and quickly had something to eat before the rain got heavier. 

We walked down from the hill then joined a path which lead us the rest of the waythrough Bodmin moor. Along here the weather was hideous! It was really wet and windy and i was wet through! Before we started the moor walking Mick had lent me a pair of waterproof socks, at first they were brilliant but by this point even these were full of water, although i think this was because i was wearing them with shorts so the water was running down my legs and into them.

When we got off the moor me and Mick carried on walking whilst Gayle went and got the car then she picked us up and we drove on to our caampsite in St Mabyn. We paid and quickly set the tents up then  i went for a shower to warm up. The disabled shower was amazing!! Everything you could possibly need in one cubicle! Warm and dry we then drove to Sainsburys in Bodmin and whilst Gayle shopped me and Mick sat on the comfy sofas drinking tea in the cafe. From here we went to the station to wait for TEAM!!! Team back together!! It was very exciting! Reunited we then all went back to the campsite and we werent there for long before Dad arrived. Dad was in cornwall to watch the gig rowing the next day and ended up camping here with us here for the night. 

It was a lovely evening! I got a load of washing done which is always a treat and then after dinner me Dad and Jade went on a trip to Wadebridge tescos where dad treated us to lots of goodies!! When we arrived back at the campsite we then had a feast in the car whilst we wrote diary and sheltered from the rain.

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