Saturday, 17 September 2011

Day 80- Sourton to a few miles past Launceston

Today i walked into Cornwall!! I am in the final county!! It was very exciting but also really sad that Jade wasn''t there too. Today was also Sams last day of walking. Its been really nice having her along and she has done so well!

As we had the car me and Sam had a light bag between us which was lovely, however, it also meant that Mick and Gayle had some tricky car logistics. 

We started the day by continuing along down the railway line. It was a nice sunny, blue skied morning and walking along here again we had that great view up to Dartmoor. We walked along here together and then Gayle left us to go back and move the car on. Me, Sam and Mick then turned off the track and it wasnt long until we found ourselves lost in some cow fields. Our feet got soaked walking through these wet/ grassy fields but fortunately after climbing a few gates we managed to get onto the road we wanted to be on. 

We soon met Gayle again and the next hurdle of the day was a field of cows and bulls who wanted to follow us! Sam really didnt like this and i wasnt particularly happy either but Mick and Gayle were so brave- they stopped walking and turned and faced them and all the cows/bulls stopped and played statues. Whilst they were being held off me and Sam took our chance and made for the safety of the gate. Later in the day when it was just me Sam and Gayle walking we had another similar incident when we had to go through another cow field. Sam wasnt particularly happy with going through there and it wasnt helped when she spotted a sneaky cow to her left and Gayle informed her that it wasnt actually a cow......
Before we walked into Launceston we crossed the river Tamar which marks the Devon/ Cornwall divide. It was very exciting and i made sure i got a picture with both the 'welcome to' signs. In Launceston we then had a little shop then sat and waited for Geoff and Nik to arrive to pick up Sam. They soon arrived and they'd brought someone else along, they were sitting in the back....who was it?! Dad!! He'd come along as a surprise :) After a little chat and goodbyes they were soon off again and we carried on walking for a few more miles before calling it a day.

The people at the campsite were really nice and when we arrived the lady invited us in for tea and bourbons and let me sit in the comfy chair :) Tonight for the first night i had the vango to myself!! I wasnt sure if i liked it or not, it felt weird. It seemed so big and i didnt know where to put my stuff....too many options! Bodmin moor tomorrow and team will be back in the evening!!!!

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