Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 1 John O Groats To Wick

Sorry the blog has taken so long to update, limited internet acess! Currently in Inverness library and we forgot to bring our diaries so this is a week memory!

So this morning we left the John o Groats Youth Hostel (as much as we didn't want to) and jumped on the bus to our official start place. It was a beautiful day in the North the sjy was blue and the sun was shining however we did have to queue for a picture with the sign post! 
We had our infamous picture with the John o Groats signpost and had a picture to send home, which i don't think has arrived yet 9 days later.... 
So the walk was underway! We left John o groats at around 11am, and as we were about to find out this would be our avergae leaving time for any morning whether we were in a campsite or not. The wlak started with the 'dreaded' A99, as we were walking along in the sunshine we were wondering what the big fuss was abouot, the road was fine! It was easy terrain to cover easy miles and cars were sparse along the road, if only we could have kept this midset. The walk was an easy flat 17 miles along the A99 with some nice coastal views, we stopped for lunch in a n old petrol station looking at the sea for about an hour and we thought 'we could get used to this! the first day we were aiming to camp at/around Wick, we were looking for somewhere to wildcamp as our budget for the trip is only allowing us to be in a campsite roughly every other night, looking at the map there didn't seem many places to camp so when we arivd in Wick, 17 miles later i asked the trolley man in the tesco superstore if he knew anywhere we could camp, he pointed opposite Tesco to a disused factory and its grounds he said we would be fine if we camped there as no one goes around there, it looked a bit strange but it looked like home! Before we went off he did  mention that if his garden was big enough then he would ghave let us camp there which was nice!
So we started making camp and were very in view of Tesco which we thought could get a bit sketch if people knew we were there so we re located to the other side of the factory, after a good dinner of pasta and sauce with french stick and nibbles we were truly ready to go to bed! The factory grounds were used as a shortcut from the road for people to walk to tesco and about half an hour after we got in to bed we could hear a group of kids walking past the tent, didn't think anything of it until we started hearing them pelting the tent with stones! We thought it was best not to shout anything as this might only make them come back and throw something bigger than a stone!

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