Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 11- Lewiston to Invermoriston

Worst shower so far...was so disappointing!! This morning we met the first walker coming the other way, heading for John O Groats, we later found out he was called Ian. Was nice chatting to him and sharing stories. He told us that he'd met a few couples walking the same way as him including a couple in there 60's so we said we'd keep an eye out for them. Today was much the same as yesterday, a path through the forest. It seemed to be a very stop start day for one reason or another and we soon decided to stop in Invermoriston and have an early night rather than go on to Fort Augustus which was the original plan.Today we sawe a deer, slow worm and a frog, good day for wildlife!

We found a bench that was on a patch of grass looking over loch ness, it was like a stage! We had the ipod out and had a little performance...rude not to!We nearly got caught singing and dancing to loch ness as a group of cyclists came around the corner. We quickly stopped what we were doing....i think they thought we were a bit weird with our leki poles (microphones) in our hands and looking guilty.

When we got into the village we got some food for dinner and asked the lady about campsites. She told us there was one a mile down the road. This was a bit out the way but we thought oh well we'll have to walk the extra. Whilst we were looking round the shop the lady then came over an said, "i could see you were looking tired and my aunty owns the campsite so i rang her and she's coming to pick you up," this was lovely of her and we thought as long as we walk back here to the shop in the morning that will be fine because we wont have missed out any distance. The campsite was small but really nice, the toilet/shower was really decieving....from the outside it looked really run down buit inside it was amazing!! Best shower yet!

Attacked again by midgies so we stayed in the tent with fly sheets done up! The campsite owners husband (Steve) walked up to our tent and asked if we were heading to Laggan Locks tomorrow. He went on to say that if we were he worked there and was leaving at 8 in the morning but if we wanted he could drop some of our stuff off there to save us carrying it. This was an amazing offer so we did not refuse, we just had to make sure we were up early the next day!

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