Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 7 Invergordon - Dingwall

1 day until Inverness! Day started off as a beauty! We were actually up and nearly packed away before 10am, which was a rareity when a lady (wife of man who's garden we were camping in) asked if we would like a cup of tea! We were like ooohhh that would be lovely, so she told us to pop up to the house when we were ready. We definatly did not need telling twoce! We were straight up there, we got to the house and she had made and buttered lots of toast for us! We were already full as we had breakfast in the tent but she had gone through the effort of maing it for us so we felt we should eat it. Note 2nd stomach when needed.
We were downstaires munching our way through a mountain of tea and toast when she asked if we would like to use the bathroom to go to the toilet and wash, then she went upstairs to check there were fresh towels out! (Best case scenario come true!!!) She was disgusted when her husband told her we were camping in the garden and told us there was a water tap at the top of it she said 'Men, He should have let you in the house'!
We were there fopr waround half an hour - 45 minutes when she l;et us get on our way, as the original plan was to get to alness, we were in minus miles before the day had begun!

The road walking today was much the same as it has been. Finally arrived in Dingwall and went to Tescos for some food before finding the campsite and setting up the tent. At the campsite we bumped into Karen a lady who we'd met a few nights previous in the Brora campsite. After dinner we went and called for Karen and all went to the pub for a drink and to charge phones. The first pub we went it seemed to be having an extreme dominos night so we gave that one a miss.

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