Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 5- Brora to Dornoch

Today was a really nice day! We walked along the beach again this morning to a town called Golspie. There were lots of seals again and we even saw one on the beach which we tried to get really close to but when i started walking towards it to get a photo it wriggled back into the sea. Walking along the beach this morning we met a man called Mark who was from Cornwall and who was cycling around the whole coast of Britain, this was the fourth summer he'd been doing it!!!We also went past a massive catsle which was looked like disneyland!! we later found out that this used to be a school!

In Golspie we had lunch outside the public toilets in the middle of a carpark and then went in a cafe for a much needed cup of tea! After this lovely lunch break we caied on along the road again. We weren't walking for long when a man on the othe side of the road called us over. It turns out him and his friend were cycling to Lands End and we stopped and chatted to them for a little while. 

Today we were happy even though we still had to do a fair bit of road walking. We managed to get off the A9 and walk along a smaller yellow road which was alot nicer and no where near as busy. Walking along here we passed an older couple out on a stroll, the man asked us if we were off to lands end, when we replied "yes" he was shocked and said  "well thats enough to make me put a hand in my pocket and gave us 10 poung for the childrens hospice. 

When we finally arrived in Dornoch the first thing we did was get our bags off and rest on the bench in the square. Whilst we were resting hee a couple with a dog approached us and we recognised them as a couple who were also at the same campsite as us last night! We ahd a nice chat with them and when heaing what we were doing at the route we were going to take the lady gave us her address and said that she lived along part of the pennine way and if we gave her a ring when we got there she would happily put us up for the night! How nice!

When we got to the campsite which we called a "party campsite!" because it was massive, we got the tent up had dinner and showered and then went off in search of a pub to charge phones. After a drink and a some games of cards we walked back to the tent wrote diaries and went to bed.

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