Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 2 - Wick to Dunbeath

Today was a killer.Currently on day 9 and looking back over the past week this was our saddest day. We left Wick at around 10.30am (not befiore using and abusing Tesco's toilet facilities) and started the long 23 mile walk to Dunbeath, as yesturday the wlak strated on and finished on the A99, half way through the day we felt like we had covered what felt like miles and miles (to be faire it probably was) and when I looked at the map to see how long we had left I had to break the bad news that we had 18km left! We just felt pretty tired and a little bit bored and we knew that 18km is a long way! However we manned up and sorted ourselves out as we knew that we were walking towards a campsite whihc meant showers, and we love showers :) 
Arriving in to Dunbeath we saw a sign for the Inver caravan park that said 1 mile! That was such a dead mile, we thought it was cruel having a sign so far away! When arriveing at the campsite we went to book it and the owner was tryign to tempt us to stay in the B&B, i must admit she did make it sound very tempting and kept talking about cosy beds and home cooked food! Well We would have of she offered it to us at the same price as camping, but we all knew that that wasn't going to happen! She told us her bathroom facilities were 'The best in Scotlad', i think she prided herslfe over them and was pretty home proud. She looked at our packs and said that they looked too heavy and that we would never be able to make it to Lands End if we didn't send stuff home. She kept saying it and all i kept thinking was theres nothing in  my bag i can take out, i need it all! When packing 3 days ago i was very strict and made sure i took out any unesassary items, and now someone who has never done the walk before or knows our limits is telling us that we can't do it!
She also kept telling us that we hadn't been up any 'proper hills' yet and tomorrow will be a killer, especially with our bags as heavy as they are, I mentioned that we lived in Devon therefpre we know a good hill when we see one, but she was adamant that the hill around the berridale area would pretty much kill us! But she didn't know our limits so I was hoping the next day we would be able to prove her wrong.  
I took an instant dislike, Becks was being the voice of reason and thoughout about her advice, so we set up camp and to be faire to her the bathrooms were probably the best in Scotland! 
We had our own little room woth shower, toilet, sink ect and it was all brand new and very cosy, they had a drying room, washing maching, IRON! so far this was the best campsite facility wise.So at the end of a sad day walking we were cheeered up with a nice hot shower and lots of food!
Also, we met two guys today that were cycling from Land End to John O Groats so didn't have far left to go. We stopped and chatted to them and they were lovely! After heaing what we were doing they said they respected anyone who could carry their kit with them and they gave us 10 pound which we thought was really nice of them.

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