Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 4- Helmsdale to Brora

Woke up to beautiful sunshine!! The first task of the morning was to wash last nigyhts dishes so i went off and found the tap along the harbour which the lady had said we could use. The harbour looked beautiful in the sunshine and so far Helmsdale is both our favourite place to stay! After the dishes we had bacon butties for breakfast which wrere amazing and then went off in search of some toilets.

When everything was packed away we got onto the road and started walking across the bridge when jade realised she had forgotten her ipod speaker so had to run back again quickly and get it. Finally we got walking. We had decided that today we would walk to Brora alog the beach as the locals at the pub the night before had said it was a lovely walk and alot safer and nicer than walking the whole way along the A9. However, i think after crossing the bridge we were unsure how to getonto the beach so started walking the first bit on the road. We passed through a place called Port gower and took a picture for Jack.We soon found a little gate that crossed accross the train track so we could get to the beach on the other side. We weren't really sure if we were allowed through as it went through someones garden but we did anyway as we thought it was worth the risk!

The beach was gorgeous!! We started walking along in our boots but then reached a river so we took our boots off and walked along bare foot for a while which felt amazing. We spotted lots of seals in the sea and a couple of them were stalking us, swimming alongside but underwater then looking around to see where we were and then bobbing under again. There were lots of jelly fish as well which Jade found amazing! She was trying to save them by flicking them back in the water with her leki pole which i found rather funny!

We eventually reached a caravan site which was right next to the beach and we followed a path through here to reach the road as we didnt want to follow the beach right into Brora as our campsite was about a mile outside. After such a lovely morning walking along the beach and watching the seals the road walking was fvery boring and painful on the legs. Today was alos the day i realised Jade has massive mood swings!! Genuinally scared! Didnt talk to her until the campsite as it seemedlike the safest option. 

When we got to the campsite we were a bit disappointed. We realised actually how nice the Dunbeath campsite was and i think that we were spoilt with somewhere so nice so early, our expectations are going to be too high now! Anyway, by this point it was spitting so we wanted to get the tent up fast. Jade wanted to pitch the tent as close to the toilets as we could so we ended up pretty much camped in the entrance/ owners garden not really on the campsite. However, they didn't move us which i thought they might do so that was good. The toilet block in this place was really odd! None of the doors shut and you had to pay for the showers. I knew it was odd he second i walked in and saw the squares of carpet on the floor and the funny shower curtains hanging everywhere. However, the lady that owned the campsite did seem really nice and offered to hang up the clothes we had washed in the sinks on her washig line :)

For dinner we walked into town and treated oursleves to sausage and chips and a massive bar of dairymilk for afters! :) Jade soon cheered up.

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  1. Sounds like your doing well girlies! Keep up the good work :) Jade, why would you save the jelly fish?? they're horrible things! Made me laugh that you walked in silence all day cause your scared of jade hehe. Will ring soon to chat and see how your getting on.
    Sam xxx