Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 8- Dingwall to Inverness

Today was hideous! The A9 was a dual carriageway! Very busy, noisy and quite scary!! The weather was horrible, really wet, and the day was also longer than expected. Was a relief to finally see the bridge over into Inverness! First stop in Inverness was a launderette because we hadn't been able to dry any clothes for days. It was nice to get out of the rain and the lady in the launderette made us a cup of tea, we also got to use the computers in there which was handy. After using and abusing all the facilities we finally left about 2 hours later and after gettingsome food from tescos we head off for the campsite. We looked like tramps. We had full waterproofs on, flip flopps and had tesco carrier bags in our hands....we got some starnge looks. Aoppartently its odd to walk around town with leki poles?! After the best dinner yet iof pastam, chicken, pepper and tomatoes it was time for bed!

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