Monday, 27 June 2011

Day 10- Inverness to Lewiston

Well we were going to have an early start this morning but we have a phantom alarm turner offer so we didn't end up leaving until about 11. Had to put on bags which were still slightly wet which wasnt nice but we left our boots in the laundry room stuffed with newspaper over night and they were pretty dry so that was alright. It seemed to take us ages to get out of invernes...we kept getting lost!! After asking directions from a group of walkers we eventually found our way onto the great glen way and we were off. The day started with a steep uphill and by the time we got to the top we were sweating already! The weather was really weird, the sky was really blue in places and then there were massive black clouds and we had lots of heavy showers throughout the day. Most of today was walking through the forest but it made a nice change to walking along the road. Lots of midgies though...we hate midgies!! Today we got our first view of Loch Ness through the trees and we saw "the line!!" (The line where one side is raining and one side is dry) was very exciting! The path today was really random, it would zig zag down for ages only to zig zag straight back up the other side, we didn't really understand!

We saw a crazy lady who was running up the really steep hill! We couldnt believe it! We were struggling not to slip over walking and she was running on it! There was a really steep down hill section which looked like you'd need a rope to climb it. Mum this extreme runner reminded me of you! (Mandy, not Emma). We were going to wild camp tonight but there wasn't really anywhere to stop so we ended up at a cute little campsite. Had a nice evening listening to ipods and writing diaries. Richard Cooper if your reading this (if your not we're disappointed) you would have been so impressed, we made a pulley system in the tent to get a picture of us on self timer, it was brilliant!

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