Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Day 6 Dornoch to Saltburn (Invergordon)

The morning of the party campsite! Woke up and our neighbours either side had vanished! Must have been our raving in Dornoch on a saturday night (lemonades and plug point abuse at the local pub) Looking at the map it was going to be a long day, started off mith me (jade) sad and Becks happy walking along the big bridge. Our first stop off poin would be at a town called Tain, we thought it was about 6 miles away, and when you have 6 miles in your head, even a step further is too far. I was annoyed as i needed a wee, and walking on the main road (A9) there was no where to go, frankly, i was narked off! Becks really needed a wee aswell and all we could think about was getting to Tain.
Tain, Tain, Tain, i was starting to hate the place! We finally saw the signpost WELCOME TO TAIN, then we saw a co op we never walked so fast to it knowing there would be a toilet! They put it at the back of the shop which was annoying so we HAD to buy a slice of chocolate fudge cake and a cup of tea, rude not too! Becks was pleased with the purchase when i got to the table, a wee and a slice of cake cheered us up, what more do you need on a sunday?
Then it started to rain. Urgh. Back to the A9 or some serious miles, it was 3pm and we still had 12 miles to cover due to laziness at the party campsite and co op cake selection, however, in Ten Tors 55 mile pace we sped through it stopping off at Kens garage having a dry brown pitta with a slice of ham. no moisture. 
Fially we got off the A9 and followed a B road around the coast, tonight we were meant to wild camp, however, as usual we couldn't find anywhere so we were imagining best and worst case scenarios which could happen, with best case being an elderly couple to take us in, feed us, water us and let us take full advantage of showering facilities!........................we can dream
We saw a sign for camping with interent which was ideal and just what we needed,  however when we asked we were told the camping area was waterlogged and she offered us a bed in the hostel, but at a price! Sadly we had to decline and hope for best case scenario to come true!
After knocking on a couple of doors hoping to ask people where we could camp we saw a man walking down his driveway towards us, so we asked him if he knew anywhere we could camp and he replied 'yes, in my back garden'. He was so cute! His back gaden was accross the road and backed on to the beach which was pretty cool so we were about 3m away from the sea, we saw a massive cruiseliner leave invergordon and told about 60 come to the town every summer. So we were all camped up by the beach :) Lovely.

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