Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 74- Compton Dando to Cheddar

This morning Geoff and Nik dropped Sam off at the campsite, (Sam has taken the week off work to walk with me until Friday which is very nice!) it was nice to see them as i haven't seen them in ages! Me, Sam, Mum and Dad then all piled into the car and Dad dropped us off outside the Compton Inn where we finished yesterday. As there was lots of road walking today i decided to wear my trainers that Mum and Dad had brought up with them. This was the first day i hadn't walked in walking boots since John O Groats and i was worried my feet would feel sore but they were actually really comfy and a lot lighter than my big boots! However, the first little road we walked along was very puddly and muddy after yesterdays rain and mine and also Sams white trainers weren't white for long!It was nice to have Sam with us and we made quick progress along the road. We arranged to meet Dad just past Chew Magna and he was parked up in a car park by the lake which was a nice little spot. When we got there we sat out in the sun and ate lunch and Dad made us a cup of tea! I love having support vehicle and am really going to miss it!

From here Dad walked on with us for about an hour before turning back to get the car....we were multiplying! Walking along the road we past a field full of cows and there was also a massive bull in there. The bull and one of the cows were rubbing their faces together and looked so cute, it was actual cow love!

On the road about 4 miles out of Cheddar Dad met us again and we were treated to another cup of tea! From here it was then a little windy, dodgey section of road until we got on our footpath. At one point we all had to jump right up in the hedge to get out of the way of a car. I turned round and couldn't even see Sam! We found our footpath and it was a slippy, stoney and rooty path up to the top of Cheddar Gorge. Up here there was a brilliant view down over Cheddar and we could see the reservoir and what we think was Glastonbury Tor in the distance. There were goats up here that were pretty cute, Sam wasn't too sure and took a leki for protection in case they turned on us!

From here we went down Jacobs ladder which was basically just lots of steps, and we were in Cheddar! Down here we met Dad again and he was with Hayley and Scott who had come over from Taunton to visit for the evening. Mum treated us all to fish and chips for dinner which was very nice and then we all headed back to the campsite. Mum went off for a shower first and came back saying it was freezing! She wasn't selling it to me and Sam but we thought we'd risk it. Luckily the risk payed off and although there were some dodgey moments when no water came out, they weren't too bad. Me and Sam are sure we could see cameras in the showers- weirdos! When we got back to the tent Hayley and Scott left, we are going to stay at theirs again in Taunton tomorrow as we are hoping to walk past Bridgwater so won't be far away. The campsite was very noisy tonight and there was a loud drunk guy across the field singing!

Was saying today that i feel like i'm doing a relay with all these different people walking with me....i'm the baton! It is very nice to see everyone and i'm having fun but i am missing team!!

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