Sunday, 3 July 2011

Invermoriston to Laggon Locks

We were up by 7 and stuff was sorted by the time Steve was leaving for work so he took lots of our stuff with him. Before he went he asked if we had a set of keys for the toilets and showers at the locks. We replied no wondering why he thought we might and he lent us his own set saying just to leave them for him in the morning. We later found out that people normally have to pay for keys so this was very kind of him! 

With only one light bag between the two of us we got walking and it was amazing how much faster progress was. However, we had not gone to far when Jades toes really started to hurt. She battled on for a while but when we got to a sign that said Fort Augustus (a place we were passing through) 2 miles, this pushed her over the edge and the first tears of the trip were shed. She took some parecetamol and battled on and we were soon there. We really liked Fort Augustus, it was really pretty but there were lots of tourists about. We were watching two funny Japanese ladies for ages. One was taking a picture of the other posing touching the ground with one hand and she must have taken hundreds of the same photo but with a slightly different patch of grass!! Very funny!We stopped here and ate lunch by the canal before carrying on. From here it was along the canal the whole way to Lagan Locks. Along the way we spotted a really cute looking tea rooms which was just lots of tables someone had put in their garden, we didn't really think that we should stop because we'd had a break just 10 minutes before but we couldnt just walk past! we went in. 

An hour and a cup of tea and scone each later we got walking again. We passed a couple out on a bike ride who on hearing what we were doing gave us some money for the childrens hospice. We then turned the corner and saw the sign saying Laggan Locks. We were shocked! We thought we still had a long way to go yet because the lady yesterday said it was a really long way. This was a nice surprise! After finding Steve and being reunited with our stuff we put the tent up, cooked and went to bed.

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