Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 13 - Laggan Locks to Fort William

Today was a long day. Woke up to some really heavy rain! We were hoping it sounded worse in the tent then it actually was but nope, it really was raining that heavily! We made3 it to the toilets 50m away and our waterproofs were drenched!
We eventually got out of the tent after packing away and getting ready as much as we could from our shelter. We had our first putting the tent down and away in the rain...... then went to find someone to return Steves key to.  
Gary wasn't there (guy we were told to return the key to) so we asked around and a weird guy told us that he worked there....only later to say that he didn't actually (rubbish psych) we instantly knew tht he was strange and even weirder when he took the toilet and shower key off beck#s arm! We were pretty much robbed! Thankfully Gary came past and saved the day! So it was down to business, the weather wasn't playing ball and could not make it's mind up whether or not it wanted to rain or shine....which led to us getting very sweaty walking uphill in rain coats! The first break of the day was not relaxing as we were midged. They came in their swarms and they came in there hundreds! It was time to move on! 
The second break wasn't much better my feet (jade) were in agony again so we had a break (midged again) and met Ann and John (although John might not be his name, he looked like a john) we had been looking out for them for the past few days since Iain had told us they were on their way, they were a couple in their 60's walking LEJOG and they informed us that Fort William was still 13 miles away! so we got a move on and we hoped that a small village at the end of the road would sell food as supplies were now down to an apple each.... But it didn't. It was now a long walk along one of the most boring canals I have ever walked along (walked along 2) in the rain. And we were hungry, Becks stupidly asked me if i was okay and i told her about the Victoria sponge i was thinking of, she told me to stop talking as she was really  hungry so we stopped and had a dissatisfies apple (desperate times!)
Fially made it to a small village on the outskirts of Fort William called Caol where we found a londis and binged. We no longer looked like human beings but crazy women from deep in the woods that had emerged and found chocolate muffins and milionaire shotbread. I was starting to feel sad as my toes were sore and everyone we asked in caol kept giving us different directions to the camp site, we must have rambled around for another hour until we finally saw Lochy Caravan Park! Today marked the first time we had to call home for Google street map directions as surprise suprise my phone was broken. I rang mum which was a bad move as she had told me that she 'tidied' my room e.g. thrown out all the stuff i need, she said i had 94 pairs of socks and that no one needed that many so she threw some out...... and some underwear! I was so angry, and took it out on poor Becks (hope mum feels bad).
When we finally got to the caravn park we sheltered in the showers as we were sick of the rain, we then manned up and set up the tent, i could hardly walk by now and knew that i should go to the hospital in Fort William, we asked the camp site owner for a taxi number ad he insisted that he took us to the hospital! Very lovely as it was pretty late, we arrived at A&E and only waited half an hour or so to be seen, they told me that it didnt look good and the worst thing i could be doing for it was walking, Giving up now was not an option! I was told to come back in the morning for an x ray as they couldnt do it at night.....

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