Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 14 - Rest Day Fort William

Of course it rained today! We were never going to make it to the hospital for 10am.... we started off with a lie in and it was a 2 mile trek to the hospital, spent about an hour in a&e this morning and had the xray, was told no bone damage but soft tissue damage, given stronger painkillers and we were off! We were starving as didn't have much time for breakfast so we treated ourselves at nicos fish and chips and had amazing sausage, chips and lots of mushy peas!
After lunch I was on the hunt for a new base layer as i had somehow annoying lost mine in Inverness, Fort William was suppose to be the 'Outdoor capital of the UK' and i couldn't find one I liked! Instead of buying a bsase layer i got a very lovely new north face coat as an early 21st birthday day present!
Finding internet in Fort William was very difficult! And tourist information tried ripping us of and i was having none of it, luckily we were recommended Nevis Sport which was an outdoor shop, cafe, internet cafe and bar all in one! Lovely! We managed to put up most of the pictures on to the internet but Beck's camera ran out of battery which was a shame but hopefully they will be up soon. As my phone was broken i rang up orange to arrange to deliver anew one but the stupid woman kept saying to me that she could only deliver inside of the UK, i lost count telling her of course fort William was in the uk, it was in Scotland! WHICH IS IN THE UK. She explained to me that she had live in the UK for 9 years, i think shes needs to live here for another 9 to brush up on her geography (currently day 20 and stil no phone)
As it was rest day we found a lovely pub on the high street with free wifi and caught up on the apprentice, then the long walk back to the campsite, as feet still needed repairing we decided not to climb Ben Nevis :( but to take another rest day.

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