Monday, 25 July 2011

Day 32- rest day at Vin & Margarets

Best rest day we could have dreamed of! Were going to lay in this morning but we always seem to wake up earlier on days when we don't need to be up early. Such a comfy nights sleep though....I lay diagonally just to make the most of it! For breakfast margaret had laid out lots of cereals on the table so we had cereal, orange juice, a pot of tea and bacon butties!! We had a lazy day of writing blog, uploading photos and catching up on the apprentice and made in Chelsea and Margaret and vin also drove us into town to get some supplies. Again we were absolutely spoilt! For lunch Margaret baked us cheese scones which were followed by fruit salad and for dinner we had beef casserole mash and veg with rhubarb crumble and ice cream for pudding! Me and jade got the giggles over dinner...Im not sure whether jade was laughing at my outfit or if she was remembering the massive gloves...I think maybe she was laughing at both!!!! Being outdoors for 30 ish days has definitely made us go a bit mad, we don't know how to behave in normal civilised situations! After dinner vin was really helpful and looked at some maps with us and helped us find a shortcut which would mean we could miss out a section of the pennine way which wasn't very direct. Margaret has been surprised today at the amount of tea we drink, she calls us "little teapots" :) in the end she stopped asking if we would like a drink and just brought us in trays every so often! We love rest days at the Heaneys!!

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