Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 21- Rowardennan to Drymen

As much as we didn't want to we did manage to drag ourselves out of the comfy beds! We thoroughly enjoyed an evening of luxury! Thankyou again Gordan and family! This morning was the tiredest we had both felt so far this trip, we think being so comfy made us realise just how tired we were. I woke up and even my hands were aching! Had an amazing breakfast and then had time to slowly get ready and write a bit more of the blog before leaving to drive back to where we left off.

Gordan drove us back and on the way we stopped off at the coop to get some food for the day. We had to drive through Drymen where we would be walking to today and Gordan suggested that we dropped our bags of here to save carrying them....brilliant idea! We found a post office and let Gordan do the talking. The lady was very kind and said that would be fine and a man then took us across the road where we put our bags in a garage.

It was about 1:30 by the time we got to Rowardennan where we had been picked up the night before but we weren't worried because it was a beautiful sunny day and todays walk wasn't particularly far. Here we waved goodbye to Gordan, i was going to get a photo of Gordan to put on the blog but was a dum dum and left my camera in my bag back in the garage in today i was cameraless and felt a little lost!

We had one bag with just a few essentials in it so we decided to take it in turns carrying it. Jade had it for the morning which turned out lucky for me because the morning was alot hillier and alot hotter!! Jade was getting angry at me becasue i didn't have a bag , she actually told me to stay walking behind her because she said she was thinking "who is she? why doesnt she have to carry a bag?" and she said she wanted to push me off the path!! This is not even a joke!

We found a lovely beach and went for a swim in Loch Lomond. It was a bit chilly at first but really nice when we finally braved it and just got in and swam about. After a swim we enjoyed some lunch and a letharge in the sunshine. We were here for agaes and finally decided we should probably get walking. I took the bag from here so could walk wherever iliked without fear for my safety. The rest of the day was road walking which wasn't brilliant but it wasnt too far and nowhere near as busy as the a9 so we dealt with it. I hurt my ankle walkingalong the road. I turned on my ankle and in Jades words 'there were limbs and sticks everywhere!' She found it hilarious but it actually really hurt! 

Anyway, we kept on walking and soon arrived in Drymen. We collected our bags then found a shop to get food before asking for directions back onto the west highland way. We were hoping to wildcamp but did talking to some locals and looking at the map we saw it was fields all ahead for a long way and the locals advised against wild camping in one because of some recent stories of campers being attacked by the highland cows! As cute as highland cows are we did not like the look of there MASSIVE horns and didnt fancy being the next got directions to a campsite. From the outside the campsite looked cute...on closer inspection it was not so cute. The toilets and showers were in pretty much a metal shed but the toilet and shower were in the same room and there was no door to the shower.....difficult showering experience! However...we did like the chickens that were in the field next door and the few that were wondering around the tents! 


  1. Was that campsite at Drymen called Drumquhassle Farm? It sounds like it, I stayed there and thought it was pretty awful. You're going a different way to me now, I walked right through Glasgow.

    Anyway, I'm really enjoying your blog girls, you've done brilliantly so far. Keep up the good work. You'll soon be close enough to England to smell the roast beef and Yorkshire puddings in the distance!


  2. Haha yes it was that campsite! Thankyou very much! We are now in England which is very exciting!