Monday, 4 July 2011

Day 18- Kings House to Tyndrum

Woke up sometime in the early hours madly scratching my midgey bitten ankles.....nice. Eventually got back to sleep and by the time we were both up and ready it must have been about 10 o'clock. Funny birds were out again this morning, one even landed on my back when i was tying up my shoe lace!!

Jonas walked with us again today and as we walked we taught him the game that we play called 'would you rather.' For example....'would you rather be in a kayak surrounded by crocodiles or be chased by a lion.' He loved the game and it was more fun with an extra person because there are more different answers and reasons for choices. 

The path took us along by glen coe ski lift which was cool and then led along and down before we had  a big climb up the side of a sweaty! But again worth it for the view from the top. The path then led down the other side and we were soon at the Bridge of Orchy. The sun was shining so we stopped on the bench and had our lunch break. 

Walking on the road from the bridge we spotted a massive deer with antlers in someones back garden! We stood there quietly and got cameras out to get photos when a man down the road turned on his lawn mower and it wondered off! How annoying. The path this afternoon was pretty flat and we just walked and talked, a nice afternoon. We had another little break because me and jade were tired and Jonas was limping a little because he had a blister from his boots then carried on down into Tyndrum. On the way down we past a crazy crazy old man that started talking to us. We were a bit worried about him as he was walking he west highland way but on hearing what we were doing said....' thats about 300 miles?!'....we were like, 'er no a little further...about 1000.'.....think he was actually crazy. He inspired the next would you rather question which was 'would you rather walk for a day with that man or let the midgies get you for 1 hour." Hmmmm....

Tyndrum looked really nice. We went straight to the campsite and put the tents up then wondered into town to pick up some food. This campsite had a dining room which was amazing! It had a kettle and a microwave we could use and also gave us a chance to escape the dreaded midgies for the evening. Tonight we made the most out of the microwave and we feasted!! Microwave pizza and chicken curry followed by chocolate chip cookies, chocolate milk and lemonade.....what more could you ask for?! After food we went for showers....showers were good as long as there was no one in the other shower in which case they would both dribble. We didnt realise this until it was too late so had to take it in turns pressing the button! After showers it was back to cards! We love cards. Played forfeit snap and if you snapped but didnt actually say 'snap' you had to either run outside and do a silly dance through the window or go outside and run around the car 3 times. Jonas forgot to say it so he chose to take the run rather than the dance....he was a good sport!

Before bed again we filled the drying room with our clothes which we'd washed. It didnt feel that hot so i decided not to wash everything but jade put all her eggs in one basket and washed it all hoping that it would be dry in the morning else she would be wearing wet clothes! 

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