Friday, 15 July 2011

Day 27- Eddleston to town beginning with I near a place which Jade has renamed Traiqfart

Last night we mentioned to the man that we were hoping to be up early but always oversleep.....he gave us a wake up call!!! How cute! He said to come up to the house when we were ready and we didnt need telling twice. We got to the house to find he had made us a cup of tea and he asked if we'd like a banana or breakfast! We stopped for a while then used the bathroom before going to pack up the tent. On our way out the door he gave us both a bag of crisps for later in the day!! They were so kind to us!

We were gone by about 9 which is pretty good for us and we walked along the road to Peebles which didnt take long. In Peebles we found a tescos where we stocked up on goodies for the day! We planned to walk along the road to Traiqfart (have called it this for so long we cant remember the proper name) and then follow the Southern Upland Way from here into Melrose. However we continued walking from Peebles and it was soon clear we weren't going to make it this far. Jades right ankle had been playing up all morning and i could tell she was in a lot of pain and mine then also decided to start hurting in exactly the same place which was weird!! We were moving very slowly and both had a matching limp!! We decided it would be sensible to just cut the day short, have a long evening to rest our legs and start again in the morning. 

As we hadnt had showers last night we both wanted to stay in a campsite tonight, unfortunately there wasnt one in Traiqfart which is where we were headed so we had to walk further around to the place beginning with I which was on the other side of the river.It was annoying because we could see it but had to go the long way round. We did have a dum dum moment and we tried to take a short cut across to the other road forgetting there was a river in between!!! 

Walking the long way round on the road we saw the weirdest cat ever!!! It was obviously not very old and was just strutting around in the middle of the road. One guy drove past and had to stop because it would move so i went and shooed it away, and then a second later it was back! Another car came along so i went to move it again and it lay on its back for me to tickle it!! The couple in the car found this very funny! I picked it up and took it to the side of the road where it climbed up my arm and perched itself on top of my bag!! After jumping down it then started eating the grass....i dont think it was quite right.

We finally limped into the campsite, we hadn't walked far but it took us ages as we were both walking very slowly by the end. We got the tent up and had a letharge and a sing song before going for showers. At this campsite we got given a key for the toilet/ shower block. We like to see ourselves as campsite critics and saw major flaws in the toilet/shower block key system at this place. 

Jade said she'd treat us for dinner tonight so we limped into town and found a takeaway where we got pizza! Cheese, chicken and pepper...they were amazing!! We ate them in the bus stop like classy ladies. We then found a pub with wi-fi and caught up on a couple of episodes of waterloo road which is always a treat. There were lots of dogs in the pub and they were looking very cute with bandanas around there necks. One of them came and sat with us, i like to think it was because it liked us however it was sniffing at the pizza box that we had with us! But....the dog found us a pound on the floor! Clever dog. As we were trying to leave a very drunk lady decided to come over to talk to us, we couldn't get away! However she did hassle the guys at the bar to give us some sponsor money and a nice man gave us some money for the childrens hospice :)

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