Saturday, 16 July 2011

Day 30- Town Yetholm to Rescue Hut just below the Cheviot

Woke up this morning at the respectable time of 8:30, started packing up then went off to have a shower only to find that it was freezing cold and there didn't seem to be any hot water. Great! We went and told the man who came down and had a look at them. He wondered around sorting things for ages then eventually came over and handed us back our £10 saying he was very sorry but he thinks they are fixed now but probably will take a while to heat up. Haha....oh how the mighty have fallen! We enjoyed getting our money back but the cold showers weren't particularly nice. But as we said, a cold shower is probably better than no shower.

Before we set off this morning we had to go and collect a parcel that Karis had kindly sent us up with all our maps and the guidebook for the Pennine Way in it. Very exciting parcel!! Karis had filled it with sweets and Mum and Dad had also put us in a bit of money which was lovely :) We then stocked up on a few days worth of food before heading back to the campsite, collecting our bags and beginning the Pennine Way.

It was a beautiful day! So hot! Today i was really thankful that i have eyebrows because sweat was dripping off of my face! It was a very hilly day so we were both sweaty messes! Both really enjoyed today walking along the Scotland/England border. We met lots of people and felt a bit famous as a group of guys we had been chatting to kept telling people ahead about us and everybody that we passed seemed to know who we were and what we were doing! Today we also saw lots of tufts of grass that are in desperate need of toupees.....we think we have found a gap in the market!

We didnt have an exact place to get to today but people had mentioned there were 2 rescue huts along the way that people sleep in so we thought we would get to the 2nd today and sleep in there. As it turns out we ended up staying at the first which meant we didn't walk far today but Jade was feeling ill so we thought there was no point pushing on. 

We made ourselves fully at home in this hut and had a long evening there which mainly consisted of just catching up on diary as we have both been slacking! We had a bench each and rolled out our therma rests along them however they were so skinny that even us 2 skinny ladies were worried we might fall off. Skinny benches= not good for people that like to wriggle. In Jades words....'We're just 2 girls in a hut.'

We felt quite safe in the hut but at one point we heard rustling utside so went out to check if there was anyone sneaking about....i took my knife with us for back up. There was no one there so we guessed it was probably just an animal. The view from our little house for the night was gorgeous and we could see the sun setting over the hills...lovely!

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