Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 16- Fort William to Kinlochleven

Was not impressed with the cold shower this morning! Was even more unimpressed that Jades was hot! She got  the lay in and the hot unfair. 

Today was the start of the West Highland Way. Where we joined the path there was a sign for a missing dog named Davey. The sign gave a description, phone number to ring if you found him and also said if anyone found him there was a one thousand pound reward!!!! So....we jotted down the number. A thousand pounds would come in very handy!

Todays walking was lovely and our first taste of what felt like real 'wilderness' as we walked through the mountains. We passed lots of people walking in the opposite direction but saw only one couple going the same way as us. We wondered why this was but later found out that the West Highland way is traditionally walked south to north. 

We found a nice spot with a brilliant view for lunch and had fun watching and feeding the weirdly tame birds. There were loads of them surrounding us....i felt like snow white! They were so cheeky! They were peeking at our pitta breads, sitting on our bags and when Jade lined bread up down her leg they were swooping in to get it!! After lunch we experienced how changeable the weather is in the mountains, we turned a corner and went from sunshine into pouring rain! Again we had the dilema of whether to get wet and saty cool or put coats on and boil!

Just before we started down the path to Kinlochleven we met a man named Patrick who was on his way to John O Groats. We love meeting LeJogers and hearing some of their stories and getting advice. When we got down into the village the first stop was the post office as Jade had a parcel to collect. We got there to find that on Wednesdays it shuts at 1 was Wednesday. We were planning on walking on past here to wild camp but because of this we had to change our plans and after an amazing hot chocolate in the pub we walked to the campsite.

We set the tent up then started cooking on a nearby bench. Jade noticed that there was a boy roughly our age sitting alone on the bench just behind us. He seemed to be on his own so in the end Jade decided to go and invite him to join us. He turned out to be swiss and jade was worried that after inviting him over he may not even be able to understand us.....but there was nothing to worry about as his english was amazing!! 

We sat out chatting for a few hours and were being eaten alive by midgies! I've never seen so many in one area was ridiculous! So...we decided it was time to find somewhere else to sit. Fortunately Jade has code breaking skills which i never knew about and we managed to get past the youth hostels high security and sneak into the dining room. Result! We enjoyed being free of the midgies and took advantage of the kettle and made a hot chocolate! At this point i think Jonas thought we were criminals and when we told him to do a guilty face for a picture he looked confused and said "i can't do a guilty face." We found some trivial pursuit cards and had a little game. We were so impressed that Jonas could understand and answer trivial pursuit questions in a foreign language!! We then snuck out again and filled the drying room with stuff before heading to bed.  

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