Monday, 4 July 2011

Day 19- Tyndrum to Inveranan

The clothes in the drying room were still very wet so Jade did end up walking in wet clothes! It was a lovely morning though and stayed sunny so we just hung everything off of our bags to dry. We looked like walking clothes horses! This mornings breakfast was yummy! We went and cooked in the dining room again and had egg baggettes and cups of tea!!! 

Very emotional morning....Jonas decided not to walk any further as his foot was bad and he also wanted to take a trip to the isle of skye so it was time to say goodbye. After delaying it as much as possible we exchanged emails then he hugged us goodbye and left! 

We finally left the campsite in style at 11.45am, we totally ignore all signs saying 'pitches MUST be vacant by 10.30am' It's just not us. We met a crazy guy whoi had walked the coast of the UK 8 years ago, he now has a website called and i think we have a mention on there! I had a major Dum Dum moment, we stopped on a grassy bank for a rest as we were missing Jonas and i could not find my phone, i remember putting it in my side pocket and thought that it must have fallen out, so i left Becks tanning and lafsrging while i went back a kilometer to find it, becks then rang me and told me i had dropped it 2m from where we were sat.... Dum Dum. I told her it was a ploy to get away from her for half an hour, and it worked a treat!

Still missing Jonas we plodded on and saw a tiny cave going under the train track - hobbit style! And us, 2 large ladies with 2 large bags were supposed to fit under it?(Pics on facebook) Becks waddled like a hobbit with her bag and poles and i nearly wet myself watching her, as always i did it in style, hands and knees!

We were pretty keen on wild camping tonight but was told sue to Loch Lomond and its obystacle course route there was no wild camping for about 10 miles which meant another campsite....... The campsite is what we now describe as a party campsite, the shop was rubbish, no pasta, curry sauce or pasta sauces! What kind of joint where they running! The toilets were gross and the clientel was even worse.

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  1. Hi Guys,

    great adventure so far, making slow but steady progress, great for me as it gives me a summer of reading along with the other jogle/lojog bloggers. Love your style of writing made me chuckle a few times. Good luck with the rest of the journey.