Friday, 15 July 2011

Day 25- Edinburgh Rest Day

How come the days we are allowed to lie in we always wake up really early?!?! This morning we both up at about 8...this never happens! We are ridiculous. First job of the day was to get the laundry done and catch up on diary! Writing diaries has become a bit of a chore because we are always so tired in the evenings and it takes soooo long to wrote up a day, however, its a good thing to do else we know we'll forget all the things that happen so we had to do it! There was a MASSIVE WASHING DISASTER!!!! My pink helly henson got burnt in the tumble dryer! It came out hobbit size and looking like plastic! When you've only got a total of 4 t-shirts including pj top, its a sad day when one gets burnt to a crisp :( Not a good start to the day, however i laughed else i probably would have cried! I couldn't bring myself to chuck it away straight away so we took it back to the tent and made headbands out of it later on!!

After the eventful washing trip we showered then got the us into Edinburgh city centre. It was tipping it down with rain as we had a little explore and popped into some shops. There were tartan shops everywhere!! I have a new love for comes in so many different colours! We had another weigh in today and discovered that we have lost 6 lb each.....not bad!

We had some lunch than found an internet cafe where we spent a few hours checking emails, updating blog and putting up photos. Its ridiculous how slow the computers are and it takes ages to upload photos! We had a lovely surprise when we checked our email from Jonas!!!!! He said he would email us when he got home so we didn't xpect to have one yet. Turns out he had sent it only 2 days after leaving us! He wrote that he would be in Edinburgh Thursday and Friday morning if we were there and wanted to meet up. Today was Friday!!!! Aaaaahhh!!! Unfortunately it was the afternoon so we had just missed him, he was already at the airport about to fly back to Switzerland. We thought it was probably for the best else it would have been another emotional goodbye.

Whilst we were in the internet cafe the weather went mad!! It was pretty much hailing and there was thunder and was so loud! At one point it sounded like the thunder was right above us and the whole place shook!

When we were finished we went off in search of a pub with wi-fi. We found a cute looking place and brought a drink and watched an hour of waterloo road and sneakily charged our phones. After this we treated ourselves to dinner with some money that Jades Mum has sent us up, at a place called 'Mums' which Jade went to last time she was in Edinburgh....formerly known as Monster Mash. Good food. After food it was the walk back to the campsite which we didn't do the day before. Fortunately the rain had stopped.

It seemed like we were wondering the streets of Edinburgh trying to find the campsite for hours!! We were following Jades GPS on her phone which i didn't really trust and for good led us to a dead end! By this time it was pretty late and we knew the campsite wasn't far but we didn't know where it was. As it was late there was noone on the street so we decided to knock on a house and ask for directions. A man answered and said "you are miles off! Well, actually you are only 400m away but thats if you climb over walls and fences, to get there you have to follow the road the whole way round." Before we knew what he was doing he grabbed his car keys and was in the car. Eurgh! It was lovely of him but it meant we still had to do this bit of walk in the morning. So, he drove us to the campsite. Fortunately it was only a mile away so we didnt have far extra to walk in the least we knew the way now. 

We got back to the tent feeling not very rested and went straight to sleep.

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