Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 22- Drymen to Kilsyth

Today was probably my least favourite day of the trip so far. I would call this my first 'sad' day (This is Becks). I think this was because iwas feeling generally ahchey and tired, my foot was hurting and it was a rather boring days walk after walking through the mountains which had been amazing and so pretty! We were hoping to make it to the Filkirk wheel today as Gordan said his Dad lived near there and may be able to put us up for the night, however we knew early on we wouldn't make it there today.

For the first part of the morning we carried on alongthe west highland way but when hit a road we took that East instead of carrying on south down to Milngavie. We shortly arrived in a town where we got some lunch an asked about walking along the diused railway line. She directed us to it and said that it was a cycle track so would be fine towalk along, tis got us off the road which was nice. So we walked along the cycle track for as far as we could. We past some fields and saw some really tiny calfs...they were so cute!!!!

We got to a town called Milton Campsie or something similar and from here it wqas road walking into Kilsyth. We sped walked this section because we wanted to get to the post office to collect Jades phone before 5:30 and it was getting late!! Time was running out and we didn't know where the post office was so it was a mad panic!! Jade asked in a garage and we got directions. We could finally see it so we sped watch said 5:29 and the post office was just on the other side of the road. As we were crossing the road the door started shutting so we ran up to it and the lady kindly let us in. We made it by the skin of our teeth!

Phone collected we sat worry was where we would be sleeping. Gordan said to ring him when we got to Kilsyth so we did. Although we were a drive away Gordans dad kindly came and picked us up. For the 2nd time this week we were treated to an evening of luxury!! We were really spoilt with a warm shower, comfy beds, fish and chips and wine. Bob had some brilliant stories whoich we heard over dinner.

Before we went to bed we set lots of alarms because we had to be up early and we were worried we might oversleep!

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  1. Hi girls,
    It was lovely to meet you today. I can't seem to get your facebook page to turn up with the search, but have tweeted about this blog and your sponsorship page!
    Good luck with the walk - it's a brilliant adventure and for a great cause!