Friday, 8 July 2011

Day 20 Inveranann - Rowardenann - Crieff

I have sweated more today than any other day in my life. Fact. We were told today that the walk along Loch Loamand resembled an obstacle course. And that it was going to be a hard 12 miles, however we have learnt to take everything that poeple say with a pinch of salt as they usually turn out to be wrong. Not a good start to the day, we woke up at 9am.... we were supposed to be gone at 9am, Becks had admitted to being the phantom alarm turner offer - which never happens! 

Due to a lot of partying at the party campsite the toilets were pretty grim, breakfast was good however, crunchy nut cornflakes! It was such a beautiful day and we both already felt dehydrated,we walked for 2 miles and saw a suitable wild camping spot which was annoying but we made ourselves feel better by saying it looked a tad boggy. The obystacle course was brilliant! Jonas would have loved it! There were styles not made for people wearing rucksavcks, ford jumping, holding on to trees whilst schooching around them, and i didn't fall over which is always a result. 

We reached our roughly half way point at Inversnaid and got 2 lemonades from the bar,a fiver! for 2 lemonades!RIP OFF., there were some really nice views over the loch though and we saw the water pipe slides again (something to do with hydro electricity, but would make better watersides) We then received the magic phone called from Gordon Grant. He rang us at 3pm saying he would pick us up from our finish point and take us to Crieff for the night for roast chicken, a bath and a WASHING MACHINE! This was an offer not to be turned down, however it turned out we were about an hour and a half away from him, we told him we could not expect him to drive that far for us but he insisted that he wanted to do it, which was very lovely! This meant we had a lot of kilometers to do in not a very longtime, so we got our brecon Bum Shuffle on and was doing 6km an hour over the obstacle course! The amount of sweat produced in that hour could have filled Loch Ness. It was hideous.

We finally made it to Rowardenann pretty sweaty and stinky, even the midgies didn't bother us much! Gordon the picked us up and took us to Crieff, his wife, Helen was cooking Roast chicken when we arrived and it smelt amazing! Gordon was all over the expedition logistics. He knew what we needed: Bath, food, internet, washing,wine. Luckily i had first bath, and becks was stinking until 11.45pm! I think i made friends with the black she came to fall asleep next to me when i was sat on the sofa! The night went far too quickly and the beds (real beds) were far too comfortable to want to get out the next morning.

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