Monday, 25 July 2011

Day 33- Another rest day

We did had every intension of leaving this morning....

Woke up to heavy rain and over another yummy breakfast Margaret said we were more than welcome to stay another day if we would like....this was very tempting, we were just so cosy! Vin then suggested 4 options: these were that we could either carry on as planned, stay another day, walk with day bags and they would pick us up in Bellingham, or walk and they would drop our bags in Bellingham. Me and jade went in the room to discuss and as soon as jade got back in the bed I knew we were going to stay! We had another brilliant day!

Again it was a very lazy day of writing blog, watching the apprentice, drinking tea and eating lots of amazing food cooked by Margaret! In the evening we lay on one of the big beds and watched two DVDs, ultimate laziness as Margaret even changed the DVD over for us, we didn't move!! We would like to say a massive thank you to vin and margaret! Was lovely to meet you and we had such a nice and relaxing few days!

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