Monday, 25 July 2011

Day 31 - mountain hut - Chew Green

what a beautiful day! We were however startled at 7.30am by not only a keeno walker, but a majorly keeno walker! Who is up at 7.30 exploring mountain huts? Luckily he realised that we were sleeping so left, until 8.30 where another keeno walker 'poped their head in' we thought it was probably best to get up as people would be passing through. It's so easy to get ready in a room you can stand up in! Sad point of the day was we had to ban ourselves from having super noodles for breakfast due to lack of water so malt loaf was the alternative. Boooooo. The heat from the sun when stepping out of the hut was so strong, and it wasn't even 9am, if we wanted to get up the Cheviot without sweating to death, we had better make a move!
We got chatting to a lady outside the hut (8.30am keeno) and told us her husband had gone down somewhere to get water, we were bursting for weds, just about to go and he popes up the hill! She said she would keep him on the other side of the hut for us which was nice. Weeing done it was time to roll and the couple asked us if we needed any water, we did but he had gone through all of the effort walking up a massive hill for an hour to get it, we said no but when she said she was going to throw it away we just could not let that happen! They even sterilised it for us which was nice using a uv pen which is held over the water for 90 seconds and sterilises all of the bacteria so when drinking it you don't get I'll, I was wary but she said she was a water wimp and have been using it for 20days on brown water so it would be fine, and 11 days later I have had no side effects which is always good.
So we departed from the water fairies and walked up probably the biggest hill yet, thank god those people had spare water and me and becks drank all of ours just walking up the hill! The views were amazing and we did not feel the need to make the de-tour to the summit of the cheviot and apparently there was not much to rave about as it was a large boggy plateau, carrying on we saw two girls walking towards us and wondered if they were the 2 girls from Somerset Ashley had told us to look out for.....they were! They were called becks and Helen and like us have gone slightly mad, they no longer call each other becks and helen but Fran and pat, me and becks felt like they had been slightly more inventive than us as they had an imaginary name each whereas we just called each other Pauline! They also had a whole story to go with their names, they were on a spy mission carrying spy things to Scotland!
They warned us of some dodgy flagstones ahead - and they were right, becks thought that it ws funny not to tell me which ones sunk but I knew they were coming when she turned round to watch my reaction! We got windy gyle at 12pm, we were amazed how far we can get when we leave early! We rang the Heaneys and arranged a pick up at Chew green at 4pm, which gave us plenty of time, we got a move on and encountered some sketchy areas of bog where the flagstones had sunk, we were not looking forward to the really boggy days as it made us nervous!
We could see the other mountain hut, as we got closer we realised their were 2 men inside, we were just having a couple of minutes break when the came out of the hut they looked like 2 tired and sweaty men, one of them was so tired he couldn't even be bothered to find somewhere to sit down, so plonked himself between me and becks! Instant weird vibe.
They were complaining that they were really thirsty and dehydrated and didn't have enough water for the rest of the day, I had no sympathy as they were making themselves a cup of tea! As we were getting picked up in 2 and a half miles....(This is becks now, jade got fed up of typing mid sentence)...I let them have some spare water that I had so we were their water fairies! However we had a feeling that they were going to be the end of the water fairy chain!
They gave us a couple of biscuits each in return for the water which we thought was a fair exchange.
We soon carried on walking and bumped into a couple who it turns out were also walking John o groats to lands end however they were doing it a very confusing way. They had two cars with them and so had really confusing car logistics and were walking some sections north to south and some south to north! We then found out that they were hiring cottages out along the way and that they had taken a week off of walking to go on holiday to Malta to rest their feet....we were not impressed!!!
We had stopped and chatted to so many people that we were now worried we wouldn't be at chew green on time to meet vin and margaret so we got a hurry on. When we arrived margaret and vin were already there and they piled our bags and we piled our smelly selves into there car!
Cannot describe how spoilt we were this evening and over the next few days! The second we were through the door to the house we had magnums and lime and lemonades in hand! We had baths! Fluffy towels! Conditioner (my hair has never felt so soft)! Moisturiser!! A double bed and six pillows each!!!! The yummiest BBQ ever! We also washed all of the clothes that we had with us and Margaret lent us some of her clothes, jade couldn't look at me without laughing but I didn't care because I was comfy and clean! We both had on a pair of linen trousers that were a bit too short for us and I was wearing a White tshirt that looked like crop top! We felt so at home, it was really lovely!

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