Sunday, 3 July 2011

Day 17- Kinlochleven to Kings House

We were going to get up early this morning to be at the post office for 9....surprisingly we over slept so this didn't happen. By the time we surfaced and were going for showers Jonas was all packed up and pretty much ready to go so we said goodbye as we were unlikely to catch up with him. The showers in this place were really strange. There was three showers in one room and the only curtain was on the main door. Weird!! We found a half eaten punnet of raspberries on the bench next to our dishes, i guessed that they must have either just been left by Jonas or the other couple that were there so started eating them but jade was worried that they had been poisoned so wouldn't touch them!

When we were ready we went to he post office then got walking. The day started with a massive hill! We could see the big pipelines coming down and they looked like massive watersides. Scariest watersides ever!! By the time we got to the top of the hill we were sweaty messes!! Definitely the biggest climb so far. However, it was definitely worth it as again the view was lovely and we were surrounded by mountains. Lots of people walked past in full waterproofs and we were could they be wearing so many clothes?! It was boiling!

We carried along the path through the mountains and at the top of the next big hill we could see someone sat on the grass and as we approached they said "hello." Turns out it was our new frine Jonas! and he had been waiting for us and he had been there for 90 minutes! How cute! So we walked with him for the rest of the day. He asked Jade if we enjoyed the raspberries.....he had left them for us!!! Haha jade looked silly, definitely not poisoned. 

We carried on walking for a while then stopped for a quick lunch before the rain came in.It didn't seem to take us long to get to our destination- Kings House- and it was still very early, only about 3 o clock, so we decided to buy a drink so we could use and abuse the facilities before walking on to find somewhere to wild camp. After chatting to a group f guys who had come from that direction we found out that there was no wild camping for the next 10 miles so we ended up staying where we were, pitching our tents in a nice spot by the river. There was a really tame deer which was just wondering around outside the pub which we thought was really strange but also very cute!

After dinner we were back in the pub for a cup of tea! We played some cards and Jonas taught us some new games which were fun, you can play so many more card games with 3 people. Jade also embarrassed herself by asking who Federer was. You don't ask a swiss person who federer is!! When we got back the the tent me and jade had to write our diaries which we've been writing in every night. There was a mysterious squeaky noise and we couldn't work out if someone had a squeaky nose or if there was a noisy bird outside the'd think it would be easy to work out but we still don't know what it was!!

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