Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 39- Langdon beck to Baldesdale

Woke up at 7am to hear rain on the tent so went back to sleep! Got up and started packing at away at a more reasonable hour of 9am....Jade was in a hideous mood and not loving life! The first words i heard were "I hate walking, i hate rain, i hate rolling my therma rest up blah blah blah." I just ignored her.

We went over to the Youth Hostel and made the most of the showers! Went to collect our clothes from the drying room to find they had dried a treat although they were a bit stiff. Its not about being able to bend your trainer liners! Before we left we went to give the guy some money but he was so sweet and said not to worry as it was a charity walk. He then kept offering us breakfast and food for the journey, i think he was worried because there aren't many shops about if your walking north. We had food already and couldn't accept anything else, we explained this and also told him not to worry as we were going south so we had shops coming up.  

This morning was a really lovely walk down beside the river Tees. We followed this for about 8 and a half at it led us into a pretty town/ village called Middleton in Teesdale. On the way we passed High and Low force which i think are pretty famous waterfalls! High force is the most powerful waterfall in England apparently! We were wondering whether people could paddle down it because it looked pretty scary! We had a little peek over the edge and searched for downstream v's and eddies! We sent Chris Heaney a text asking whether people do paddle down it and he replied saying it was "DEATH ON A STICK!" Walking along here we also passed the young mums convention again, they obviously enjoy pushing prams along really rocky little paths! 

In Middleton in Teesdale we stopped off for teas and hot chocolate in a cute little cafe. We sat in there for ages and got our books out and had a read. If anyone was watching us they probably thought we were being really anti- social....they didnt know we'd spent the last 39 days together!!

We finally dragged ourselves away and walked the last 7 miles to Baldesdale. We managed to loose the Pennine Way a couple of times....i really don't know how we do it but it has happened quite a few times! We couldn't really tell when we arrived in Baldesdale because there wasn't really anything there! I knew it was going to be little but not this little, all we saw was a B&B and a road! We carried on off the road onto the moor a little way in search of a place to set up the tent. It was all pretty boggy looking but we chose the driest bit of bog available and just hoped that it would be ok. Bog aside it was a nice spot to camp and it was really pretty as the sun was setting. We were looking forward to tomorrow when Jades parents were driving up to join us for a week as support car/tent!

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