Thursday, 25 August 2011

Day 71- Nympsfield to Wotton- Under- Edge

By 8:15 we were ready and on our way out of the campsite. The walk out of the campsite took us past the pigs paddock and as the Mum was asleep i couldn't resist so snuck in and stroked the little piglets that were asleep!! I love them!! I could have stayed with them all day but we had to carry on so i dragged myself away.

Today was a really nice walk and the sun was shining all morning which was gorgeous. After walking on the road back to Nympsfield we then got back on the Cotswold Way. The path led us up through a forest and then to an opening at the top of the hill where there was a bench. We sat here and had a break, the view was amazing. It was then a steep climb down and then through fields then steep up another hill. At the top of this hill there was a big green ridge and again the views were beautiful! It was definately worth the sweat of climbing up there!

It was then he walk down into Dursley. We were hoping that we would find a shop down here to pick up some food and there happened to be a big sainsburys right next to the Cotwold Way which was very handy! We shopped and then sat on the pavement like tramps and i had a doughnut binge! Sat out here we were burning, the sun was so hot.

We then had another big climb up through a forest and at the top the path popped out onto a golf course. As we popped out the top of the path we saw a guy out running and he was coming towards us. He slowed down and we looked at each....i knew him! It was Patrick! He recognised me to! Patrick is a LeJoger who we met up in Scotland, on the West Higland Way and on our way into Kinlochleven (Day 16!). How random that we'd bump into him again out of all the space in the country and we met him twice! He pulled me and H in for a hug then looked at H as if to say "you look different." We told him about Jades leg and what had happened since we'd seen him. I think he said he reached John O Groats on July 14th. He told us that he lived nearby and had been keeping an eye out for us for the last week guessing we must be passing through at about this time. I still thought it was mad that we had bumped into him again like that! We chatted for a while then me and H carried on and i rang Jade to tell her who we'd just seen.

From here we carried on along the Cotswold Way then joined the road which we walked along to get to our campsite which was marked on the map at Cannons Court Farm where there was also a golf course. My heart sank when we arrived at Cannons Court Golf course to see there was no sign saying they did camping and also it looked rather posh and we couldn't see any tents or caravans. We walked down the road to check the campsite wasn't further on and there was no sign so we walked back to the golf course and went in and asked. The lady there said that it had used to be a campsite but wasn't anymore....great!  So annoying! I felt quite disheartened but H was very good and stayed positive and said sit down and we'll sort something out. As we had left early and it was only another short days walk it was only 1 o clock but its not very nice when you think your about to finish then find out you have to carry on.

So we sat on the grass outside looking at the maps and trying to come up with a plan. As we sat here we could see the blue sky slowly get darker and darker. We decided to ring Ka. Ka had organised for us to stay at Dennis's house tomorrow night in Old Sodbury so we thought maybe we could push on and walk there tonight instead. Ka rang Dennis and spoke to him and he said that he could come and pick us up from where we were and would drop us back in the morning so we could stay at his for two nights. This was brilliant and very kind! We were only about a mile from a town called Wotton Under Edge so we thought we could walk on and meet Dennis there.

As we walked up the road the rain started and it was torrential!! Our raincoats were buried and we didnt want to open up our bags and get everything wet so we carried on and we were soon soaked! There was a stream of water running down the side of the road. I didnt understand how a day could change so much, we were putting suncream on earlier! We saw a bus shelter up ahead so stopped in there to get out of the rain for a minute and decide where to go and wait to be picked up. We a saw a sign to the town centre so we thought that would be an obvious place to wait so went down there to look for an obvious spot to wait where there was shelter. We actually ended up in a carpark behing a co-op where we went and stood in the trolley park. Probably the least obvious place to wait! However the trolley bit made a good changing room and we had chance to put dry fleeces on before getting in dennis's car.

Dennis did manage to find us in the end and we piled into the car and were soon in Old Sodbury. The house is right on the Cotswold Way so should be easy to find tomorrow at the end of our walk :) We had a lovely afternoon/evening! I had a shower, put some washing on, sat on the sofa and watched TV and even managed to write some blog! Dennis slaved away in the kitchen and cooked us chicken chips and salad for dinner which was so good! I have also been enjoying lots of cups of tea! Thankyou!!

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