Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 73- Old Sodbury to Compton Dando

Got up 7 this morning and packed away and then were treated to a "big boys breakfast." We then had to say goodbye to Dennis and Grace. It was a lovely few days and i was really spoilt.....thanks again Dennis, Grace, Evan and Finley!

Me and Mum set off with our little day bags and dad drove on to find a campsite and set up our house. Today was the last day on the Cotswold Way and we were going to turn off before it went down into bath. It was a dry morning but early on the path led us down a skinny track through a field of dead sunflowers and we were soon soaked!

Today we met the Americans again that me and Hayley chatted to briefly in Painswick. I don't think they recognised me at first but i don't blame them because i no longer had a big bag and was walking with a different person! We stopped and chatted to them for a bit and they gave us £10 for the charity which was very kind. Me and Mum then said bye and walked on but from her eon there were lots of awkward overtaking moments! Made even more awkward when we were dum dums and read a sign wrong and walked round in a little loop and they followed us, i really wanted to just quickly hide behind a bush, it was so embarrassing! It was made even more embarrassing again when the American lady pointed to the city below asking if it was Bath, we both agreed but after we'd walked on ahead of them i said to Mum "I think that actually might have been Bristol!" Opps! We couldn't risk them catching up with us again after this awkward moment so we had to walk really fast until we came off of the Cotwold Way. We were both hungry but couldn't risk stopping! We left the Cotwolds Way just after the view point that looked down over Bath- it was a very impressive view!

From here we took some slippy, muddy footpaths down into Saltford where we got pretty lost- lets just say navigation through towns isn't our strong point! Whilst we were here the rain began and it was heavy! We were soon soaked and sheltered in a bus stop to munch on fruitcake, we got lots of stares from passing cars. It took us ages to find the cycle path we wanted out of this town and the roads were beginning to look more like rivers! How can so much water fall from the sky?! We were soaked through and feeling very cold. We arrived in a place called Compton Dando and by now had reached saturation point so decided to try and ring Dad to pick us up from here. He had been waiting for us in Chew Magna which was a village further on. We didnt have any signal so we went to use the phone box only to find there was no phone in there. In the end we decided to go into the pub to get warm. We dripped in and as we walked in the door everyone turned to stare, it was definately a locals pub. We felt very self conscious so sat down at the nearest table. We both just sat there not really knowing what to do. Mum said "do you want a cup of tea or should we just go?" As we had made lots of puddles on the floor and hadn't really made a subtle entrance we thought we should probably buy a drink! Mum got us both a cup of tea and also asked the girl behind the bar if there was a phone anywhere. She was very kind and let us use the pub phone. We managed to get through to Dad and sat and waited for him to find us sheltering in the Compton Inn. 

It was a faffy drive for Dad as we were in a little village that was tricky to get to but he did well and he found us and then drove us back to the campsite he had found in Cheddar. We were frozen so went straight for the showers but we weren't very impressed. I was wetter out in the rain then i was in the shower! The water sprayed everywhere except where you wanted it. Mum and Dad brought the big tent up with them and its so nice to be able to stand up, there's so much room! I love it! Dad cooked us a lovely dinner of curry and rice tonight and for pudding we had some of the massive lemon yoghurt cake mum made and brought up with them specially. Tonight we've been trying to sort out logistics of who's going to be walking with me when and using what gear....very confusing!

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