Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Day 72- Wooten- Under- Edge to Old Sodbury

Didn't have a brilliant nights sleep, i was very comfy but Hayleys snoring was relentless!! We got up early and Dennis made us tea and toast for breakfast then dropped us off in Wooten where he picked us up the day before. It was great having just the one light bag between us and we were looking forward to a short day- it was only about 9 miles to Old Sodbury! This morning whilst we were walking Mum did ring and say if we'd like to walk on her and dad could pick us up later and take us back to Old Sodbury but we were quite happy to have a relaxing afternoon off!

We started walking just before 8 o'clock and it was a lovely morning. After following the road out of Wooten we joined the Cotswold Way and stayed on it all day. It was a nice little walk taking us through some little villages and lots of fields. We had to walk through lots of fields of horses today and i thought imagine if i'd safely got H past all those cows and she ended up getting trampled by horses just before Old Sodbury which was where she was leaving me! Walking along a path today we got chatting to an old local and he pointed out the Severn Bridge in the distance which was pretty cool! We arrived at Dennis and Graces at 11:30am, yes! This meant we had the rest of the day to relax and perhaps wander into Chipping Sodbury to find a tearoom :)

The rest of the day consisted of drinking tea, sitting on the sofa and watching tele- lovely! Didn't end up walking to the tearoom because like yesterday the weather changed suddenly and it was a wet afternoon. When Dennis arrived from work he let me on his laptop again so i got a bit more blog written. At around 6pm Mum and Dad arrived! It was really nice to see them, i hadn't seen Dad since me and Jade left for John O Groats. Mum and Dad were going to stay until Tues and Dad was going to be support vehicle as Mum walked with me. 

Earlier this week i got a text from Karis asking what my meal of choice would be- i chose Lasagne and was cheeky and also suggested that i rather liked Banoffee pie. Dennis made us both!! I felt bad as he was busy in the kitchen- i probably didnt choose the easiest things for him to make, and i hadn't expected Ka to actually mention the Banoffee Pie! We were spoilt, dinner was amazing! After we'd eaten Dad went and dropped Hayley off at the station- it was lovely walking with her and very kind of her to take a week of her holiday to walk with me. Spoke to Jade tonight, she told me she now has to go to "lower limb classes" which she found rather funny! When Grace arrived home from work tonight she got out her pet Tortoise called Evan, he was very cute! We watched him walking around the lounge and then i got to have a hold before he went back to bed.

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