Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 59- Hospital day in Stratford

As you may have noticed we are very behind on blog! Sorry if we've confused anyone but we just wrote up the days so at least you can know where we've been. We will go back and fill in these days when we get the chance! So much has happened....there has been drama!

Jade has had a bad leg for 10 days and this morning (after a hideously long day yesterday) she actually could not move! She could hardly make it to the toilet block which was about 40 metres away and had to use the leki's to move anywhere! She has been moving around the campsite at about 0.1 mph and people were asking me and mum (Mum has been walking with us for the past 9 days) if she was alright! Everyone was staring...she was a spectacle! Jade finally managed to make it to the toilet block with a few tears and then had to have a sit down shower! I tried to help her walk back over to the tent area and 3 little children were running around. They were running around us and onme little girl was going 'na na nana na!' and watching jade struggle said 'haha thats funny!' This was not helpful and Jade said through gritted teeth, "Get them away from me!"

As Jades leg was so bad we decided to go to the hospital this morning to get it seen to. We were camped at Stratford racecourse last night. The man there was very nice and let us camp for free! We were going to leave the tents there this morning and then go to the hospital but found out this morning that the campsite had to be vacated by 10am because there was a race on tonight so we got all packed up and then rang for a taxi. We asked the taxi driver to drive right in so jade could just plock herself in the car. We knew that the doctors would say take pain killers and rest so i was imagining us having to get trains home to rest for a week then come back and start again, i think Jade was thinking the same.

We got to the minor injuries unit and jade hobbled in. Jade had a little chat with the nurses and got a bit emotional. Luckily there was a free physio slot today so we sat and waited for him to come and have a look at it. Whilst we were waiting the two nurses which were really lovely brought us out some tea and biscuits! The other patients were getting jealous and one lady said "that's favouritism!" Jade was then force fed lots of drugs by the nurse! She is like a child and says she can't swallow tablets so the nurse (Jane) went on a yoghurt stealing mission so she could crush the painkillers up and mix them into the yoghurt. Just as Jade was saying "oooo i hope she finds a muller," the nurse walked in....Muller in hand!

Jade was then given a wheelchair! You should have seen the smile on her face! We have been joking for weeks about changing our facebook page to "Becks walks and pushes Jade in a wheelchair from John O Groats to Lands End"....its looking likely! First she was seen by a GP who said he couldn't work out what was hurting and that it maybe internal bleeding! I felt bad at this point because Jade had said she thought it was internal bleeding and i had laughed at her! He said that she may have to get an ambulance to Warwick hospital for further tests! She was then wheeled off for a very long time. Whilst she was gone me and Mum enjoyed the rest! Upstairs Jade saw the physio who she described as "rather nice" i think she regretted the choice of very short! Short shorts + physio = no no!! She was wheeled back down and we were told that they now thought it was an irrated siatic nerve (however its spelt!). As we knew they suggested rest and lots of painkillers. I think the plan would have been to get the train to my sisters (Hayleys) in Taunton for a few days then see how Jade was feeling, but the nurse then offered for us to stay at her house for the weekend!! How lovely!!

Mum was going to get the train beck to Taunton tomorrow but as we weren't walking today she thought she would go today instead. We've been really glad Mum has been with us this week, its been a difficult week and she has been brilliant :) The nurse was really helpful and looked up train time for Mum. The train they found was leaving in 8 minutes time so after a rushed goodbye Mum jumped in the nurses mini and they drove off for the station! Jane then got back and then dropped me and Jade off at her house. She showed us around said help yourself and then drove back to work! It still amazes us how kind and trusting people are. We have meet so many lovely people on our way and people always seem to be there to help us just when we need it!

Janes house is amazing! Words cannot describe it! We have had a relaxing afternoon watching tele and reading. Jade cannot move so i feel like a slave but its worth it if it'll help it heal! We are really hoping that a few days rest will help and that we'll be able to get moving again on Monday! If Monday comes and the leg is still bad we will have to come up with a plan but we are going to make it Lands End! :)


  1. Wow.

    I hope everything works out for you both. It *is* amazing how lovely total strangers can be.

    I see that Gayle got a bit of weight out of Jade's pack - good move - now you need to rest up and get it totally right before you move on.

    Good luck to you both,

  2. I really hope that Jade recovers soon and that the two of you can get back onto the trail.

    I ditto Alan's comments - the kindness of strangers can be utterly amazing.

    Best wishes,

  3. Found you on Mick and Gayle's blog. I did LEJOG in 2008 at age 70, but did not have the kind of problems you are having; you have my utmost admiration. I look forward to reading more of your refreshing reporting style, and I do hope you are able to finish.

    Conrad R.