Thursday, 11 August 2011

Day 57- Lichfield to Shustoke

This morning- as much as we didn't want to- we had to say goodbye to Mick and Gayle. Its amazing how quickly you can get used to living in a house again! After another lovely cooked breakfast we said our goodbyes and Mick dropped us back off on the canal in Lichfield where we had got to yesterday. It was really funny seeing Jade with a human sized bag, its so little in comparison to her other one and now i have bag envy!! The new and improved bag had a weigh in this morning and weighs a very respectable 14kg....thats nearly half of what it was!! Thankyou Mick and Gayle!

Today we followed the canal again all the way to Fazeley. In Fazeley we came off the canal in search of a food shop as we were all feeling pretty hungry and didnt have much food on us. We found a littlle tesco and a chip shop so it was chips for lunch follwed by chocolate cake! We found a bench and sat down to eat. We ate so much food! From here we then followed the Birmingham and Fazeley canal for a short way before turning off on the heart of england way.

Jades leg was pretty bad again today so we've just been taking it slow and shes been stopping to stretch it every so often. We've discovered its best for her not to sit on the floor to rest but on a bench or something taller because else she can't seem to get up off the floor again.....Jade had a bit of a breakdown today on the tow path. She was in a lot of pain but was refusing to take ibuprofen or anything for it because she can't swallow them. Me and Mum were trying to explain to her that she needed to take them because although it wouldn't be nice taking them, it would help the pain. In the end she did manage to crunch them and i think they did help. 

We followed the Heart of England for a little way then found another bench where we sat and had a rest. There were loads of geese around, i couldnt believe how big they were....they were huge! As it was marked on the map that there was a campsite nearby me and Mum went off to fill up waterbottles and left Jade with the big geese. It took us ages to find the campsite and i think Jade was a bit worried that we weren't coming back! Water bottles filled up we carried on along the footpath which took us through a little forest then out into a big touristy park/picnic place. From here we just couldn't see where the path went, it didn't seem to fit with the map and we spent ages faffing so in the end just decided we'd follow the road down to Shustoke. When we got there we then had the decision of whether to wild camp in a farmers field or in the picnic area by the resevoir. We decided on the picnic area so sat and had dinner and then waited until it started to get dark to put the tents up. At 10pm the tents were up and we were all ready for bed but there was still one car left in the car park that i thought was quite scary. Who hangs out at a resevoir in the dark?!?!

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