Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 46- Cowling to Jack Bridge

Another glorious day in the sunshine! Well, a tad too hot for me but Becks was loving life in the rays! This morning the support team were going home which was quite sad, as it was lovely seeing everyone and they had been very helpful, who doesn't like their tent set up and dinner cooked for them? Before they left they said we should have one last day without our bags so we did some car logistics and decided to drop our hideous bags off at Jack Bridge near Hebden Bridge.

Tea, toast and dippy eggs for breakfast, we were seriously going to miss this! Over the past few weeks we have realised that Beck's appetite has doubled where mine has halved, this morning I felt sick watching the amount of food she consumed, I have no idea where it all went! Mum filled us up with supplies such as more food than 2 people could ever wish to carry, washing powder, toiletries and medical supplies, we said goodbye to Cole and mum at the campsite as Julian dropped us off to our start point, of course it's never as easy as tapping it in to the sat nav, as mum said, it was pretty rubbish and we had to do loads of U turns!

When sat nav finally sorted it's life out we arrived at Jack Bridge, it was a gamble as there was only one pub here and if they said no to holding our bags for the day, then we had had a wasted journey, but we couldn't have asked for a better result! The lady in the New Delight Inn was more than  happy to help us and she even gave us a free bottle of water each as it was hot :) How lovely! Back on the road (this time in a car) we arrived in Cowling where we now HAD to say goodbye to Julian and the support car, we knew this moment was coming and it was still horrible, we were now just 2 girls in Cowling with one bag needing a wee, i had to buy rip off aero bubbles in a cafe so i could go in for a wee!

The day only started in 1km negative miles which is.............better than 2 negative miles, it was a late start today....1pm, must say it was one of our latest! As we dropped most of our stuff off at the pub we still had to use on of our bags for our day stuff, so we swapped carrying the bag every couple of hours of so, Becks started with the bag this morning, which was good as i needed no help in being the sweatiest girl in the world, we walked past a wooden shelter and as we peaked in we saw loads of piglets snoozing! They saw us and must have thought we had food so they all stumbled out still in a sleepy state, they were very cute! However, when they realised we didn't have any food, they buggered off! Charming guys.

Back on the moor we met 2 girls, our first impression was how unprepared they were! They were in the middle of the moors on a hot day wearing jeans, sandles and holding a handbag, they had no water and for food.....chocolate mice and love hearts, as soon as we saw them they asked if we had any water, luckily for them myself and Becks had lugged litres of unused water across Yorkshire, we thought it was pretty unprepared not to have any water! They said they were going on a 3 mile moorland walk but they had been walking for hours and were no where near where they wanted to fact no where near civilization! They gave us love hearts as thanks, we hope they got off the moors okay and we felt bad eating their sweets as they would probably need them for the energy for the way home!

It was lovely walking past all of the reservoirs as they were glistening in the sun and looked really inviting until we saw signs saying DANGER COLD WATER CAN KILL, apparently it always stays at a ridiculously cold temperature as its a tad chill dog in Yorskshire and the reservoirs was quite deep so never gets a chance to really warm up, today we have seen more pigs than the rest of the days walking put together! We were about to cross over a style and i saw something hideous at the bottom of the style on the other side, it looked like a massive belly on the floor, I was like Beck...... I think there is a hideous pig! It didn't just look like a belly, it was making hideous snorting and grunting noises, Beck was nervous about walking past it, but i said 'look at it! there's no way that can ever catch up with us'. When we looked at the face of the pig, you couldn't tell if it had its hideous eyes open or closed as it was that fat! (I'll try and upload a picture)

We made it in to Colden and looking at the map we were less than a kilometer from Jack Bridge, however in usual Pennine Way style the sign posting was rubbish and we got lost. So we ended up in a horse field with an over friendly horse who took a shine to my ham sandwich in my hand, it galloped over to take a sniff then trapped me at the style, Beck found it hilarious, then it turned around and had a massive sloppy poo! (The horse, not becks) Luckily after walking the perimeter of about 2 fields we found the exit which came out not far from New Delight Inn, we went in to the pub and retrieved our stuff, there is a small campsite attatched to the pub where we set up home for the noght, a flaw though, there was only 1 toilet and 1 shower for the whole of the site....and they were together so if you needed a wee and someone was in the shower, then bad times for you.

We spent the evening in the pub and caught up on diary, we even got a free cup of tea (i think the barmaid felt sorry for us). Probably the coldest night of the trip so far, i has doing sit ups in my sleeping bag to get the blood circulating!

A massive thankyou to everyone who has sponsered us either online or by form, all donations are really appriciated and its going to an amazing cause, if you fancy sponsering us you can do so on this link:

Or type in Jade and Becks on google, and were on the first page! 

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