Thursday, 25 August 2011

Day 70- Painswick to Nympsfield

Woke up this morning at 6:15 to see H was also awake. I curled up in my sleeping bag hoping that she would do the same but she started packing away!! I felt bad but went back to sleep, it was ridiculously early! I woke up a bit later on and thought i best get up so started packing away. As we were sorting our stuff out the man from the caravan who we've named George shouted over if we wanted a cup of tea, yes please! He was so cute!! Before we left he took our picture....i felt famous!

Luckily the rain that we had been warned about never arrived and it was actually a really sunny day. From the campsite we followed the road down into Painsick which was a lovely little place. We decided to stick to the Cotswold Way from here and just hope that there weren't any cows! We did actually end up walking past a few but H did well and stayed calm :)

Today we walked past a alpaca farm and there were so many of them and they were s cute and fluffy!! I just wanted to cuddle them! I got lots of photos. The cutest ones were the tiny babies that had little red jackets on and they were jumping around. I want a pet alpaca.

We passed through a place called Stonehouse which is next to Stroud and then through a village called Kings Nympton. In Kings Nympton we found a coop and H popped in and came out with lots of goodies including a chocolate looked amazing! From here we climbed up through a dark gloomy woods and arrived up on a road which we followed round to Nympsfield. We stopped here and i went into the pub to ask about a campsite, there wasnt one marked on the map but Gayle had written down that there was one around here so we knew it must be here somewhere.

We were directed down the road and soon arrived at the campsite which was called Thistledown. The campsite was definately not what we had imagined and at first we thought it was weird but in the end i think we both really liked it. It was a massive site that had three fields, the top field had no showers just portaloos and the 2nd and 3rd fields had showers but composting toilets. There are no cars allowed down to the bottom 2 fields but there were massive wheelbarrows that people could use to wheel camping gear or even children down the steep hill to the camping fields! Definately wasnt keen on the composting toilets at first but they actually weren't that bad.

Today was only a short day but because we got up early although we took it slow and had lots of breaks we had finished walking by 2. We had a really relaxing afternoon lying out in the sun and then after dinner we went for a wander around the campsite. Up on the top field were lots of paddocks and there were horses, goats and loads of cute little piglets!!! The piglets were my favourite and we sat there and watched them for ages. There were 9 of them and they were all following there mum around then one by one they trotted off to bed and they all piled on top off each other and looked adorable. I wanted to go in and steal one!! A little boy and his dad also came over to look at the animals and the boy said that we could go in the paddocks if we wanted too, he was in their earlier. I would have but Mum pig was MASSIVE!!! The goats were pretty cute too and were jumping up at the fence for food.

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