Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 42- Hawes to Horton in Ribblesdale

How can a day get any better when it's started with bacon sandwiches? The answer is, it can't really until I did some amazing navigation to get us out of Hawes back on to the Pennine Way, usually navigation isn't something i would brag about, but we were pretty proud as the second we get in to a town or village we turn in to dum dums. Same as yesterday, the first half of the day was uphill and the second half was downhill, we were both shocked how sweaty and out of breath messes we were as yesterday the hills were well within our capabilities, but today, we were struggling and we had day sacks! Blame it on the humidity and there was not even a breath of wind so we were dripping with sweat! Mmmm.

We kept bumping in to a weird couple along the route today, at first, not so weird they didn't say hi to us which was fine, they just gave us a strange smile, not long after we passed them we had a break which meant they did an awkward taking over us! Things would have been find but as we were 2 speedy ladies we overtook them again and it just felt really award, Becks needed a wee and they were on our tail, luckily we managed to shake them off with no awkward words exchanged. We saw the Lancaster man again! I had no idea how he was doing his route as he seemed to be coming from different directions all the time!

He told us not long after he was us yesterday walking up GSF a guy had overtaken him, he said he was missioning up the hill when all of a sudden he disappeared! Turned out he was walking along the flagstones and one had given way, he fell straight through and landed from head to toe in the pete, Lancaster man said he didn't know how he didn't break his legs because of the fall! Me and Becks have been joking about falling in, but it actually does happen! He then asked us how far we were walking and we replied Horton, he thought we said Thornton and said well, you have a hell of a trek ahead of you today, we had no idea why he was saying this as we were only 3 miles away from Hornton, and he had ages to go until he got in to Hawes! We only realised 2 days later he thought we must have said Thornton, so Lancaster man is still out there thinking we did a 40 odd mile leg!

We had rendezvoused pickup in Hornton at 4 but had got there 45 minutes early, so we went to the pub and had a lovely cup of tea to kill a bit of time, well mine tasted like coffee so i had a toffee, i cannot believe when i rang mum, that she even suggested that we walked to the campsite! Not only was it 7 miles away, it was EAST. We don't walk east! It wasn't even er-route! As i went to the toilet i joked that the weird couple would come in to the pub and Beck would have to make conversation, Brilliant, as i walked through the door i saw them come in! When mum picked us up she said they were camped in Settle, and would probably stay there for 3 or 4 nights because it was Central to our beginning/end of our walk days, i think 3 days of putting down and setting up a massive tent with the amount of things they had was stressful, and it worked out well. I don't think we were really 'camping' this week, i think the term glamping would be more appropriate, the amount of technology brought for one camping trip was ridiculous! We had sat nav, phones, ipods, ipad, nintendo DS, portable dvd player, hairdryer, ghd straighteners foot spa, electric cool boxes and a toaster, i'm sure there was more!

Luckily to mums delight, we had electric hook up, we didn't for the past 2 nights and she said 'I cannot believe i have survived without elecric for 2 days!' It was time for foot spas and mum was very brave rubbing cream in to mine and Beck's feet! It felt nice howvere i think it may have softend the skin on my feet, so not such a good move, but the thought was there! We went in to Settle to get some dinner and came back woth fish and chips, luckily i opted for mushy peas, as the lady forgot to put in the curry sauce, even though we had paid for it! Becks was a bit sad about this.

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