Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 50- Edale to South of Buxton

Forgot to mention on the last blog- yesterday me and Jade both gave the Pennine Way a mark out of 10. I gave it a respectable 6/10....Jade gave it a 1/10 which i think was a bit harsh!

Were up at 7am ready to get an early start but we actually didn't leave until just before 10! However, it was a very pleasant morning. After showering and packing away we went to the little post office shop to buy some milk and cereal and some food for lunch (although there wasnt much choice). We went in search of a bench to sit and eat our breakfast when we saw the German couple from the pub last night. They were really lovely and said we could go and eat on their table outside their campervan. We chatted to them over breakfast and they made us a cup of earl grey each and before we left gave us some biscuits which was really kind. They also let us look at some of their maps because we had a bit of map missing. The maps we do have with us are pretty awful and you either need xray eyes or a magnifine glass to read them, but luckily we havent had to use them much so far because the first section of the walk was just following the A9, then it was the great glen way and the west highland way which were both pretty well marked, and then we had Paddy Dillans guidebook with us for the Pennine Way which had maps in it. Jade has spent the past week or so grumbling about Paddy but i think shes actually rather sad now the guidebook is finished. We have both enjoyed reading about what to expect from the day and Jade loves to worry about the ascent figures.! Counting contour lines is one of her joke. The next couple of days we will just be following little random footpaths and bits of road to get us onto the Staffordshire Way so i think its going to be a faffy few days!

We did pretty well without a map but as predicted it was a faffy day. There were lots of skinny little paths that would suddenly dissappear and there was also quite a bit of road walking. We got lost following a path through a section of fields which was quite frustrating. It looked like we'd have to go cross country through a cow field which we didn'treally want to do because they were scary looking but we eventually found our way out via a skinny, overgrown path.

When we arrived in Buxton we stopped on a patch of grass and Mum bolied up some water in the jetboil and we had pot noodles for lunch which made a nice change. The jetboil is so handy! After this we went and found a Morrisons and stocked up on some food. We left here at 4:45pm, i don't know where the day went! By now we were all feeling tired already and our bags were full of food and feeling really heavy. 

Becks got bored writing so I have taken over.... When we were in morrisons stocking up, i think Mandy was shocked on our style of shopping, she couldn't believe it when we stacked our rucksacks and leki poles in to a trolley and wheeled it round, leaving the front compartment for food, today made us relaised that we have no shame, any normal self respecting person would be embaressed (like Mandy) to wheel it around, but we have realised that we longer care what poeple think and if they did, have they walked the country? No. Well then.

Our bags were really heavy by the time we left and my leg was almost ready to give up on me and I wanted us to carry on as Buxton was less than half of what we wanted to achieve that day, but I felt I really couldn't carry on! Luckily we saw a campsite just south of Buxton, but it was a kilometer out of our way which may not sound like much but when your walking and as Lady Gaga would say 'on the edge' a kilometer is a really long way. The campsite was ridiculous, it had the worlds longest and steepest drive way! But the real shock wasn't until we got to the enterence, there was a picture of a tent woth a massive red cross though it, Mandy didn't think it was looking good, but i was adament we would be staying here whether or not they could take tents, I wouldn't have argued with me in the mood and pain I was in! Becks said get ready to cry, so we were all prepared to turn on the waterworks!

After a bit of confusion it turns out the accept backpackers but not as he described 'rif raf family campers' - well, words of those effect, the owner said that the tent are was 'near the playpark' as usual the camping area was the furthest away from any amenities, and not only was it really far away, we were pretty much camped in the playpark, I don't think we could have camped any closer to the playpark unless we bivvied on the monkey bars! Our favorite part was when he said he had cashed up the tills so we had to pay int he morning, but when we told him we were leaving early he said we could pay now as long as we had the right money. We didn't so we sneaked in a cheeky, well we can stay for free, its a chrity walk, he replied a 'fiver'. me and Beck thought ti was a fiver for all of us and we were like ahh a bargin, what he meant was a fiver each, not such a bargin. But we had a place to sleep for the night with a power shower.

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