Sunday, 14 August 2011

Day 60, 61, 62 - Resting in Ilmington

What a palava the last few days have been! Just thought we would give everyone a quick update, unfortunatly we have taken 3 rest days and I have been religiously taking my painkillers but so far there has been no improvement and to walk i am relying on cructches which is slightly frutrating. Myself and Becks are itching to get back walking, (Becks is getting very bored) and we definalty would if we could however walking at 0.2 mph is getting us no where very quickly! And is very painful!

Karis (Beck's sister) came up to visit us yesturday morning and we went sightseeing in Stratford-upon-Avon, it was a lovely day and very nice to see Karis, we also had a lovely last evening with Jane and her family and had an amazing BBQ, we felt like a part of the family so it was very sad this morning when we had to say our goodbyes! Janes daughter Kate and her friend Steph came up from London for the weekend so it was a full house! Big thankyou to Kate for making really nice sandwiches for the car ride to Taunton! We loved the initials on each roll!

So now, we have travelled 100 odd miles south to Taunton, where Beck's other sister lives, here we will be resting (loosing muscle and getting fat) while my leg heals and tomorrow morning bright and early were hitting A&E, Jane told me to take no rubbish from them, and to get to the bottom of the problem, however, stronger painkillers do sound quite nice. We decided not to go home to rest as the next time we want to be home is when we have finished the whole walk, i don't think either of us could handle people telling us how well we had done, also Taunton is a lot more accessable to Straford than travelling from deep Devon, hopefully within the week we will be back on the road again....... were not finished yet, and the walk will be completed, every step of the way!

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