Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 45- Gargrave to Cowling

Woke up at 7:30 and practically ran out of the tent, it was so hot in there i wa sweating! Went outside and sat out on one of the chairs and couldn't believe how hot it was so was going to be a sweaty day! Didn't sleep very well last night either. Jades brother had been double camping for the rest of the week but last night slept in the compartment next to mine and jades with Emma and Julian. The compartments were only seperated by a fabric partition and Emma and Julain on the other side had a double airbed. I think Cole had also started on the airbed but had rolled off during the night and had overflowed into our half of the tent. I had the skinniest gap to sleep in ever! I made the mistake of sitting up to rearrange my therma rest and couldn't fit back in the small gap that was my bed! I was getting really frustrated and was annoyed that Jade was asleep and looked really comfy! In the end i used brute force and pushed Cole out the way and managed to squeeze back onto my therma rest.

Whilst we were walking today Emma, Julian and Cole were switching campsites again so before we left we packed away all of our stuff. We got dropped off back in Gargrave and after sneaking into a campsite because i needed the toilet already we then did a good bit of navigating to get us out of the town and back on the Pennine Way. As soon as we were off the road we had socks rolled down and shorts and sleeves rolled up in the hope of getting rid of our ridiculous tan lines! I've had enough jokes from Jades family already about my white socks! We hadn't been walking long when we passed another man in a vest....Luke would have been proud.

It was a beautiful morning and we were walking through fields and had a small scetion of canal walking which was very pretty. Saw some exciting wildlife today as well. First were the white horses which looked like unicorns then were a very cute group of baby ducks! The baby ducks were all yellow and fluffy and in a pen with a chicken who they followed around, it must have been there adopted mum! We decided to name them 'chucks', chicken ducks! We had another option but chucks sounded better then dickens!

We arrived at Cowling at 4 o clock and whilst we were waiting for Julian to pick us up found a newsagents and brought ice creams and chocolate and had a bit of a binge. Binge over Julian picked us up and we drove to the campsite which was about 20 minutes away. The campsite looked really nice but it did have a few flaws. The first one being that you have to have a key fob to get into the toilet block so you have to organise group trips to the toilet or shower else you have to wait until the other person gets back. The second one is that you have to pay for the showers and they didn't even last long enough for you to shampoo and condition your hair- Jade found this out the hard way. Luckily i was in the shower block so i could pass her over another 50p. Thirdly the ceiling of the toilet/ shower block is reflective!! Its not about reflective ceilings! However, they did have the token box inside the shower and there was also music in the room so they had got a few things right. We have started to see ourselves as campsite critics and Jade has said she would like to open her own campsite to show people how it is done!

After showers Emma and Julian took us out for dinner. We went to a really nice Indian, there was so much food and it was so yummy! After dinner we went back to the campsite and Jade and Cole watched G-Force on the DVD player. Jade described that the film was about 'Guninea pigs with guns!'....she didn't sell it to me so i played on the ipod instead. 

Today my first toenail has fallen off, i'm now down to nine!

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