Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 44- Malham to Gargrave

Today was only a 7 mile day but we decided rather then joining it to another day we would just walk the 7 miles then make the rest of the day a 'rest day.' After another amazing breakfast where i ate a hideous amopunt of toast we got dropped off back into Malham and the place where we met Emma the day before. From here we weren't sure where the Pennine Way went and as we say we'd rather ask, and find out and perhaps look silly then wanderer around without a clue and wasting time. We went into one of the pubs and asked the boy behind the bar, he didn't know so went off to get the owner eho was out the back. The owner was a lovely man and when we told him what we were doing he was very impressed, he even offered us a free breakfast! I'm not one to turn down food but i don't think i could have physically eaten anything else this morning so sadly we had we had to decline. However, he said we'd have to come back for our free breakfast when we had finished, i hope he meant this because we took it literally! He also said that they had never had anyone come in before who was walking John O Groats to Lands End, this shocked me as Malham is on the Pennine Way and lots of people walking either JOG to LE or the other way round do walk the Pennine Way. Anyway, he pointed us to the path which was about 10m away if that, we were shocked how the other boy could work there and not have known that!

It was another nice warm day and we enjoyed the short flat walk which lead us beside the river. As we do we ended up a bit 'off piste' at one point and had to climb a gate to back on our path. We saw lots off cute animals today and felt guilty sat in the corner of a field of cows enjoying beef and salad sandwhiches and malted milk biscuits!

By the time we got into Gargrave it was just after 1. Gargrave was a lot bigger than we imagined and we couldn't find Jades family so they drove around and we eventually found each other. They drove us back to the campsite and we were straight to the showers. Nice and clean sat outside the tent and had a relax, we then relocated and had a letharge down by the river in the sunshine. It was nice down there and there were lots of people about to people watch! There was a big guy trying to kayak which was fun to watch! He was wobbling all over the place and i was sure he was going to fall in. He had quite an audience and there was a crowd of people up on the bridge filming him! Hats off to him though he didn't fall in the end was even getting the hang of it! We ended up taking dinner stuff down to the river and we stayed down there and had a BBQ. Such a nice and relaxing afternoon!!

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