Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 54- Rest Day in Uttoxeter

Today has been lovely...very relaxing! After a very lazy morning of lying about in the tents reading and naping we ventured over to the out of town shopping centre where the tescos was in the hope of finding some gas. We had a look in argos which seemed our best bet but had no luck. We asked a few people where we might find some and they all replied that they didn't think there would be anywhere. Me and Mum thought it was probably worth going into town to look just in case so we left Jade in tesco's costa and went off on a search. We searched everywhere but the people we asked were right we couldn't find any. I was shocked that there was nowhere that sold gas in the whole of Uttoxeter!

Gas-less me and mum walked back to tescos and joined Jade in costa where we definately outstayed our welcome but it was very relaxing just sat there on the comfy sofa reading the papers! Mum suggested putting a plea for gas on facebook so i did but we didn't really expect anyone to reply. It was very exciting when we got a response from Gayle E Bird- a lady we didnt know but who had liked our facebook page and had walked LEJOG with her husband a few years previous. She said that they could come and meet us with gas tomorrow and we could even stay at there house tomorrow night- wow!

We left costa before they kicked us out and got some food for dinner before heading back to the racecourse. We arrived at the campsite to discover that our area had been invaded! 3 more tents had appeared whilst we'd been gone....we liked it when it was just us- just 3 girls on a racecourse. By now the sun was shining so we lay out in the sun and had a read before dinner. After dinner we went and made ourselves at home in the vegetable preperation area where we caught up on diary writing, charged phones and had a bit of read.

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