Monday, 8 August 2011

Day 51- South of Buxton to Leek

Woke up this morning to a cup of tea made by mum....i could definately get use to this! After thoroughly making the most of our £5 we packed up and left the campsite at about 9. It was another beautiful day and the sun was shining.

Again today was a bit faffy and we got lost a good few times. Quite a few times we followed signposts marked 'public footpath' into fields to find there was no way out of the field!! How annoying!! The first major getting lost moment involved us having to climb a wall and barbed wire fence- Mum led the way. The second we ended up having to ask at a farmhouse for directions to find out we had to go back in the direction we'd come from....again very annoying! 

Back on track we then made our way down to the river and then it was steep climb up through the forest to the roaches...more sweating! I really enjoyed walking along the roaches, the sun was shining and the view was lovely! Along the top we had a stop and got the jet boil out for a cup of tea. We were all feeling tired and Jades leg was hurting her, i think its been quite painful the past few days. I think we could have all sat there and letharged for hours but we eventually dragged ourselves away and took probably the trickiest rockiest path down off the roaches to the road. 

It was then a lot of tricky navigation through fields around the resevoir. It seemed to take a long time and we were all shattered but eventually we arrived in Leek. Leek seemed massive and we instantly weren't keen. The plan was to find a food shop and then a nice place to wild camp. We were really hoping for a big supermarket because we wanted to use the toilets and after being directed to co-op hopes weren't high but we turned the corner to see the biggest co-op ever!! Brilliant! We had been told that there was a big morrisons the other side of town so we just brought some water and snacks to eat now here then thought we'd shop for dinner stuff and food for tomorrow in Morrisons which was the other side of town to save carrying it any further than we had too. So many food logistics. 

I shouldn't be taken into supermarkets when im tired, i just want to letharge everywhere! We ended up sat on some chairs in the entrance to co-op eating jumbo oranges and magnums...hmmmm. Food eaten we continued on our food store crawl to Morrisons. 2nd shop done we carried on, bags really heavy and hoping we'd find a place to wild camp soon because we were all very tired. We carried on walking out of Leek and saw a dog walking area that looked like a possibility. Me and Mum checked it out and decided that it would do, we'd just have to put the tent up just before it got dark and then get up early in the morning. It definately wasn't the nicest place to camp but i don't think we could have walked any further today so it had to do.

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